META: Yet more tweaking

Tonight I added two slightly nifty features to the ol' blog. First, I added a "current contest" widget in the right side bar that will (duh) show you whatever contest is the current one. I bet you could not have figured that out had I not said it so forthrightly.

Second, the "Sketch of the Day" category now shows you the actual images instead of just the list of headlines. It's the same thing I did for the "Hall of Fame" category a few days ago.

3 Responses to META: Yet more tweaking

  1. Great! Love to be able to schroll through your artwork quickly. And the contest widget is a nice touch. Any updates on prizes? Do you have a current list of who ask for what? I ask ’cause I have some prizes to cash in and not sure what eveyone has picked or what dblade has submitted on his end. Long live Heromachine! Cheers!

  2. Can you add this button for people who lose all their saved hero files when performing a Flash update?

  3. I see you added back the weekly schedule as well