She never forgave them for the "Got your nose" trick

7 thoughts on “She never forgave them for the "Got your nose" trick

  1. Watson Bradshaw says:

    but, how does she smell…


  2. Trekkie says:

    I didn’t know Voldemort had a sister.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Good one, Trekkie! That would have been a much better headline than the one I used.

  4. thejay says:

    They always tell me about those nosejobs that had gone horribly wrong…

  5. Tarkabarka says:

    Yeah a real women, the plastic surgery is not perfect, but she want the money to remade her nose.

  6. P.F. Bruns says:

    Putting one’s nose to the grindstone is a METAPHOR, ma’am.

  7. Frankie says:

    How does she even know that they are there? She can’t see them, her eyes are shut. She has no nose, and the artist probably didn’t bother to draw her ears before he drew her hair.

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