"And the velvety sock!"

(From "The Green Mask" volume 2, number 5, 1946.)

6 Responses to "And the velvety sock!"

  1. Wow, that headline just made this…icky.

  2. Myro:
    Wow, that headline just made this…icky.

    Even worse, I think this is the Green Mask that’s a kid who transforms into an adult. That just brings the ick factor up a notch.

  3. You can’t help but wonder, what were they going to do to the poor chap?

  4. Maybe they were going to take him fishing?

  5. Avatar TheAmazingFrank7

    They’re obviously going to make him “sleep with the fishes” so then they would have rods because they would be with fishes. I thought I’d just put a god damn serious point out there. Yeah! How you like me now?