Sharing Day: I'm Awesome Edition

Today, I want you to post the best illustration you've ever created, whether with HeroMachine or not. Something you think is awesome, and for which you want to get kudos and applause. Everyone needs a pick-me-up every now and then, so this is your chance.

No negative comments, no critiques, nothing but positive vibes and attaboys! Show us your best and lap up some hard-earned praise!

If you want to ask me a question about something, go ahead, but mostly I just wanted this to be an Anti-Critique, let's all feel good kind of day.

139 Responses to Sharing Day: I'm Awesome Edition

  1. I’d have to say in my Opinion my Current “best” art piece would have to be this remake of my character Firebird, The original version of which Jeff made the comment looks like a What if Hawkgirl was processed by the Phoenix Force!!

  2. That is nice, Kaldath! Love the flame effects surrounding her and the wing shape of them, it looks great.

  3. Even today I keep with my usual theme of Sandokan-related pictures, but for a change I think I did well with this one (after 20+ revisions).

  4. Jeff I think I have a problem, trying to opem my saved files I keep getting a double popup, the top one asks if I am sure I want to “Clear the canvas” I have NO idea why it is doing this, and it’s won’t click off.

    I’ve rebooted, cleared my footprints, rebooted teh whole computer and it keep comig up and wont let me access the saved files.

    any suggestions, this is what I am seeing

  5. And Kaldath (1): Your Phoenix is very impressive!

  6. Cliff: Ummm … wow. That’s a new one. This isn’t really the place for this discussion so I’ll email you privately.

  7. Dionne Jinn, that’s fantastic! What a great setting. If you get the chance, I’m sure folks would love to have that code posted in the Backgrounds area of the forums (without the figure, probably, though he looks great too!).

  8. I don’t know if it’s my best but its my favorite to date. I posted it in the “phenom” thread

    based on George R. Reid’s The Nightslayer, not the DC villain of the same name

  9. Maniacmick, it looks great! Love the black and blue colors and the very design-y feel to the whole thing.

  10. If you give me some instructions where and how to post it, I could do that, sure.

  11. I’m thinking of the HeroMachine 3 Custom Item Archive on the UGO Forums ( — you’d just post a preview image and the text you get when you export it.

  12. Dionne Jinn & maniacmick Both Very Good pieces! I like them A Lot!

  13. Good evening all.

    I can’t choose wich is my favourite picture. So i choose this.
    Personnaly i love females :D, fantasy, and story telling pictures. That’s the opinion why i choose this picture.

    So here is Serenya the Elf Warrior, when she rest a little

    (Now i have a lot of injection in my back, and i can sit more than 3 hour. – I RETURN)

  14. That’s lovely, Tarkabarka! Great environment. The character looks pensive and the dragonet alighting on her finger is a wonderful touch.

  15. I had to narrow it down from four, and I wasn’t going to spam you with all four, but out of the four, this is the one that I could actually see someone purchasing (if such a thing were legal with HM work):

  16. Very cool, Whit! I will never say no to a cyborg eagle, that’s for darn sure. Nifty concept and a well-executed design.

  17. I would have to say the best things that I have ever created are my 3 boys, but my wife would say she had some part in that. So, after scanning my archive fairly quickly, this character still pops out at me and makes me want to create more. I was influenced by “Batman Inc” at the time, trying to come up with my own “Batman” representitive. The first is my original pic and the second is a action pose suggested by the legendary SDR. (who has fallen off the earth! Come back dude!)


  18. hey guys

    heres a sketch i did of Ariel and Eric and then coloured to my liking

  19. Kaldath (1) – Nice effect, i like the flame wing

    Dionne Jinn (3) – Very cool background, and great character

    Maniacmic (8) – Great color working, and good idea

    Whit (15) – Great idea and composition

  20. @BloodlessRose (18): I’m getting an error when I try to open your link.

  21. I have a question, Jeff. Any idea when HM3 might go from an alpha to a beta form?

  22. Here’s one of a series of pieces i’m fairly proud of, they aren’t flashy or technically astounding, but I put a lot of work into making the transition from an image in Heromachine 2.5 to 3.0. So without further waffle I present:

    Barbarian Bave

  23. Ok, Jeff. I uploaded a “simplified” version of that background accompanied by the text file to the indicated forum. I hope I did it right as I hadn’t used the forum before.

  24. Dang, I’m still in comment moderation……

  25. I took the ideas from an ODC a while ago and fixed this one up. I am really proud of the shading on it, and it looks a lot better in black and white.

  26. Dionne Jinn, it did work, thank you! For those interested, the direct link is

  27. @ams (24) Thats likely cause Jeff is afraid that the stunning piece of eye candy you have likely posted would so dishearten everyone else with its astounding beauty that no one else would post any thing here today out of sheer awe of your master piece ,,,, or you know Jeff just hasn’t gotten to his spam filter controls yet, which ever.

  28. Thanks dude! You made my day!

  29. Wow, AMS, those are OUTSTANDING! Both of them, just mind-boggling. I can’t decide which one I like best because they’re both so good … great concept and execution on the character design itself, and the settings are perfect.

  30. Bloodless Rose, that’s great! Love seeing the hand-drawn stuff, and the Little Mermaid is possibly my all time favorite Disney animated movie. Keep up the good work on the hand-done drawings!

  31. Moognation: Pretty darn soon.

  32. StarMan2000: I love seeing the transition from the old one version to the new one. Really nice item choices and a cool looking dude.

  33. Zaheelee: I agree, it looks fantastic in black and white. She has a lovely, somber mood about her that’s hard to pull off in these kinds of programs, and that’s due to your skill. Well done!

  34. Volt: That’s great, seriously! The line work is stellar, and you captured a wonderful sense of movement in the cloth even though he’s sitting still. Really, really nice work, I am impressed!

  35. A lot of great work. I tell on thing

    Fus – Roh – Dah

  36. I have many favourites but i think this was the most difficult work because in this time they were no side face
    in heromachine. So i have worked very long for that.

  37. Nella, the main character of a fantasy story I’ve been trying to write off and on:

  38. Captain Kicktar: Love the helmet and the pose! The contrast of the white gloves against the dark background is very striking as well. Well done!

  39. Kytana: Wow, that’s intense! Very dramatic and convincing illustration.

  40. Doornik1142: Nifty! She looks like she has a great story. Love the eyes and the costume, really nice job.

  41. @Tarkabarka, you have an injection in your back? Are you ok?

  42. @Dionne Jinn(3): Is that from the thousand nights? I’m reading them now and it reminds me of one of the stories.

  43. @Worf (46): No, it is the main protagonist from Emilio Salgari’s novels in Sandokan-serie. But I see how you came by that idea. Sandokan stories are set around Malaysia so I wanted kind of Oriental feeling for the picture.

  44. Dan (45)

    I got 5 pieces lydocain injections in my back so now I can’t feel pain when i want to sit down to make pictures.

  45. Bit of a library to pick from, but I really liked how this turned out.

  46. Asder, that IS nice! Very Kirby-Norse-looking. Cool weapon, too!

  47. Myro: I would say that’s one of my favorites of yours, too. I love the pose, the attitude, the lighting, everything. You did a slam-bang job on it.

  48. skybandito: I know this is supposed to be a positive, “attaboy” kind of thing, but … yeah, those aren’t appropriate for here. At all.

  49. Sorry, but it’s the best art I have on the puter that’s suitable for late-night television. Didn’t know politics was verboten.

  50. This: is one I’m particularly proud of. It’s gone through several Open critique days and many MANY minor tweaks (just did some right before posting 😉 ), and the last save to my pc was a bit of a beast.

    Not only that, but I submitted his image on the TOR forums for reimagining, and here’s what I recieved: ! Many of the details I added later were to match this a bit more closely (scruff, eye scar, and color scheme), along with a minor positioning issue.

    I have since learned that my strength in HM is item selection, my weakness colors.

  51. Politics isn’t necessarily verboten, but especially on something like this that’s supposed to be all about positive reinforcement, putting up something designed to be negative is missing the point.

  52. Tuldabar: Now neat that you got a custom drawing from it, that’s great! I think I like your version best, though 😉 Good attitude and a fun setting.

  53. Mea culpa. (That’s Robert Culp’s little sister.)

    I’ve also been putzing around with refurbishing old Public Domain comic scans from the Digital Comics Museam. It’s not really MY artwork, you understand, but merely cleaning up aged work of my betters. Here’s an out-of-context panel that I hope will take the bad taste out of your mouth.

  54. Tuldabar – I don’t see any color problem, i think the color work is great.

  55. Hey! I posted a reply here, didn’t I?! ‘Sigh.’

    Here it is, minor tweaks and all:

    And here’s what RightiousDracos of the Old Republic forums did with him:

    Don’t know why my earlier post was deleted…

  56. Woa! Why in… Sorry guys, I paniced and double-posted. Ignore #2.

  57. Wow, I’m really impressed with all the stuff people have made.
    This may not be my best picture, but I had fun with it and I like how it came out. The background wasn’t like that on purpose, but I like how it came out.

  58. Johnny Gear, unfortunately I get an error when trying to go to that link …

  59. Thanks for telling me. I’ll try reposting the link.

  60. I’ve had a poke through my archive, and I couldn’t decide between ‘Scuba diver’ and ‘Flying Superhero’ (so called because I can’t think up decent names), so here they both are…
    Scuba diver:

    Flying superhero:

  61. @Johnny Gear: Both of your links work well for me. Nice droid you got there.

  62. I just have one question: Is there a limit on how many we can post?

    Anyway, here’s a hand-drawn picture of Vegeta just before he sacrificed himself to try to defeat Majin Buu.

  63. To everyone that’s been following the latest contest, this was the thief picture I was talking to Watson Bradshaw about. I changed it up a little since I didn’t like how the back kept ending up, and I kinda like how dark it is now.

    The second one is actually the first character I made with Heromachine that wasn’t based on a previous character of mine.

    Tell me what you think!

  64. Johnny Gear: Yep, that one worked for some reason. Glad it did, that’s a cool looking droid! Love the use of arms as legs, that was very clever.

  65. Trekkie: Wow, they’re both excellent, I can see how you’d have a hard time choosing! I think I lik the Flying superhero a little better, just because he looks more majestic. Bu the scuba diver has a sort of restrained elegance that’s cool too. Oh heck, they’re BOTH great!

  66. Debochira: Probably just one would be better, and that’s all I’ll likely comment on. I’m digging the hand drawn Vegeta! Very nice lines and a cool angle to draw it at. Keep up the good work!

  67. I like them Syntax, especially that second one.

  68. Syntax, I LOVE that second one, I think it works great both as a design and as a character sketch. Great use of colors and items and posing … The loin cloth in particular looks fantastic with that pattern on it. Great job!

  69. Thanks! I put a bit of a science joke in there actually—the frog he’s holding is poisonous.

  70. Didn’t some natives use frog poison in arrows?

  71. Yup. And now you know!

  72. Wow great illustrations from everybody!

    I’m currently favoring two character illustrations, one an adapted character from my Cowboy Sorcerer: Afterglow

    And a character who is the product of a solar-based hero’s abilities causing him to collapse in on himself and become a living black hole: Pyrínas

  73. This is the piece I personally see as my best.

    It is based on this quote by Friedrich Nietzche.

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you”

  74. Cox Communications no longer has Personal WebSpace. Lame! Now I need to open yet another on-line account somewhere.

    @ams(17): Reaper is awesome!

    I don’t have a “best” in as much as “favorites.” One in particular is Warmage from CC 32: It’s a class thing. For my part, I thought I struck a nice balance between the fantasy and modern elements of Warmage’s uniform.

    The 600×600 constraint of the UGO forum distorts the picture a little. Hope this link works. :/

  75. My other favorite would have to be my sole winning contest entry, Supernova from the FNF consolation round.

  76. My personal favorite image I have done on heromachine. He is a legendary demon slayer

    His name is A.A Spitz and he is actually a redo of someone else old heromachine entry, so thanks to whoever originally made him for inspiring me.

  77. My question to you Jeff, is what is the best piece of HM art you have seen? Something that made you happy that you gave someone the tools to make something great.

  78. Seeing as this is more than just Heromachine art, this was a picture I made of a theoretical game night between my brothers and myself:

    This was a work in progress of mine on paint, hence why the image ends before the figure does. I should probably finish it.

    I don’t think of the first one as highly as the second, since that was made using a base. The second was mouse drawn.

  79. I’m really into fantasy/scifi cartography. Here’s a far-future America I did a while back that won a monthly challenge over at the Cartographers Guild (

  80. The Imp (84): I can’t view the picture without being a member, it seems (however, I’m a map buff myself and may join anyway 🙂 ).

  81. My idea for McKnight’s costume originally came from the cover of Superman: Godfall, illustrated by the late Michael Turner.

  82. Darn it, I KNEW that was gonna happen. Okay, try this:

    BTW Whit, if you’re a map fan, definitely check out the Guild; you won’t be disappointed. I’m there as Diamond.

  83. Check it and hit me back

    Hey Jeff, did you get my item request for what I wanted from the last time I won the “martial artist” part of that big contetst?


    Usually I draw like crap, so I’m extremely proud of this simple drawing.
    And no, this is not a book I draw him in, just a copy.


    I’m in graphic design/illustration studies so I might as well show off a bit 🙂

    the faculty doesn’t really approve of all the sci fi/fantasy stuff I’m doing so I’m trying to tone it down… doesn’t work though.

  86. Thank You Jeff!

  87. Check out my assassins, Jack of spades, and Fabriccio Di Chimici

  88. FYI: jackof Spades’ sword is imbedded in the ground. does it look right?

  89. FRM (95)

    Nice job on the gun pointing towards the camera.

  90. Thejay, Facebook doesn’t seem to like me: it won’t let me see the picture.

    Basic, your trinity is awesome! I especially love the Destroyer, and I know you said it was loosely based on Hindu gods, but wasn’t Shiva a man?

    TOOL, I love the Confederate flag in the background. It makes the car look like a badass, apacolyptic General Lee.

  91. Everyone’s stuff os so amazing!

    I suddenly feel very inadequate.

  92. No reason Syntax, your works are very good. But the fact is that we always judge our own creations more harshly than those made by others. At least I tend to be over-critical of my own work, and I think it is true to many others as well.

  93. Syntax: I did have a male version nearly finished. I though that the female version was better – the dress looked like a spreading pool of blood.

  94. Syntax, Dionne is totally right.

  95. This is with more HM stuff. the Dawnbreakers are composed of Matt, a runaway prince who dreams of being a knight; his bastard brother, Jay, who’s kind of a cross between harry potter and batman; and Kate, a half-elf with serious mental issues – she’s known among her people as “Red Revenge”.

  96. @ams,17: Awesome! If either of those pictures were on a comic book cover, I would pick it up.

  97. @Thejay & Dionne
    Dude, I already know that. It’s not so much that I’m not as good as the others—which I’m not and have no problem admitting it—it’s that well, how would you feel if you posted something you were proud of and no one said anything about it, focusing only on the shinier stuff? Not to sound like an attention whore, but I was hoping that someone would say something about the MSPaint drawings since I put way more time into them than I do the Heromachine images.

    With that in mind, here is the finished version of the incomplete picture I posted earlier. Those who play Dragonfable may notice a similarity to Greed; that was intentional. I imagine him as the little Greedling, all grown up.

  98. OK, long day yesterday and today so I got behind, but hopefully I can catch up now. Apologies!

  99. DiCicatriz: Dude, you don’t need ME telling you you’re awesome, but you are! Love the Afterglow image, the pose is spot-on and he looks like a bad-ass.

  100. kyle: Cool weapons! I keep thinking I need to do a contest of just items like this, neat combinations. I love looking at them and imagining who’d use them, what all they can do, etc. You’ve got a nice collection there!

  101. Vampyrist (80): I’ve seen that one before and love it every time. Awesome effects.

  102. Joel (83): Very visceral! Cool concept and I like the sword-spear a lot.

  103. Vampyrist (84): There have been quite a few. One of the first was … I can’t remember who made it or its name, but it was of an alien invasion of a city I think. I couldn’t believe it came out of HeroMachine, it was just amazing. Since then a bunch from dblade, PapaKrok, DiCicatriz, Imp, and a bunch of others make me sit back in my chair and go “Whoah.” I love it when I see something and I can’t figure out how they did it, like with some of SeanDavidRoss’ stuff.

  104. Syntax (85): Usually on these kinds of open critique types of days people just post one thing, otherwise it gets a little overwhelming. But I’m glad you posted both of your original pieces, they’re really nice, with lots of style and interest. Glad to see you doing your own thing!

  105. Imp (86/89): Nifty! That’s a really gorgeous map. Just curious, why did the Panama Canal area flood but Baja didn’t?

    Whatever, dude, it looks fantastic. Really spurs the imagination, you know?

  106. TOOL (90): HA! Love it, man! Where can I go buy one?!

  107. Malfar (91): Dude, that’s what all of MY notes from school look like! There were times I couldn’t read the actual text because of all my doodles. I like him, especially the funky hair skull tie.

  108. thejay (92): Awesome! Wow, that’s a ton of stuff, so I’ll just say it all looks great. I particularly liked:

    It has so much character and personality.

  109. Basic (94): Very cool concept and I like how you’ve tied them all together visually. I think Creator is probably my favorite.

  110. FRM (95): Both of those are very cool! I love the see-through stealth of the first guy and I think you did a great job keeping the feel of Assassin’s Creed while also adding your own flair to the second.

  111. Syntax (107): Really nice! I’m glad you finished it and posted the final version. I love the way you’ve used just shapes for the spaces without getting caught up in line work, it makes for a super strong visual impact.

    Great job, thanks for posting it!

    As for why people comment more on HM drawings, I think it’s mostly just that people understand those, and know what goes into making them. I suspect people feel a little shy about commenting on hand-done drawings since most people can’t draw by hand themselves, so they’re not sure how to critique it.

  112. With that, just 24 hours late, I’ll draw this session to a close. Thanks to everyone who participated and/or commented!

  113. And thank you, Jeff, for hosting these things and putting up with us.

  114. “shapes for the spaces without getting caught up in line work”?

    What are these “shapes” and “spaces” you talk of Jeff? Uh, Sir.

  115. Syntax: I mean, the figure is made up of shapes instead of being delineated at the edges by lines. Obviously there are some lines like in his fingers and hair, but primarily the figure is created by the big black and tan shapes fitting together, as if by collage instead of an ink or pencil line drawing. For instance, in his face, you create the cheek and nose area through the use of the big wedge curve instead of drawing in the line of the nose, the nostrils, etc.

  116. thanks for the feedback. i’ll post another like jack of Spades for critique.

  117. i think an idea for a new character contest should be new versions of old characters. for instance Watson Bradshaw’s Tomcat as a new male version of Catwoman.

  118. checkout my other dudes on note: the top two are for the “Lissom” contst. while you’re at it, check out the other pages of my wiki!

  119. Please check out Baihu (white tiger) on . he’s a sort of Wildcat/Batman character. i’m drawing versions of him, and so far i like him better with fur. please comment. i will post some of the drawings on my wiki. in fact, please stay tuned on my wiki for heromachine and drawings.

  120. Any particular reason you’ve posted the same gallery on this page at least twice and reminded us at least three times that your LAMIA is in the “Lissom” contest, FRM?

  121. @Jeff, with all the bail outs the car industries have been getting im sure someone can make you one lol

  122. Okay, so I still maintain that my favorite is Vesta from Friday Night Fights. I still love the way her hair looks like gold in sunlight. Here she is!


    Yeaaah, Heromachine 1 was, uhh, kinda funny in retrospect.
    For reference, the latest version of the character.

  124. No, wait, best? Not first? Aww. Fine, I guess the second picture is my best. It will do.

  125. Suleman, this Sharing Day was over last week …

  126. Do you happen to be a Finn, Suleman?