So THAT's why super heroes are so speedy …

(From "The Green Mask" number 1, 1940.)

9 Responses to So THAT's why super heroes are so speedy …

  1. Avatar Whit says:

    Actually, I think that dope would make you the opposite of speedy….

  2. Avatar Patriot_Missile says:

    So that’s why he’s The Green Mask…

  3. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    It’s…. DOPEMAN!!!!

  4. Avatar X-stacy says:

    Depends who’s talking, Whit. Some people use “dope” only when they mean “meth”, so I guess the Green Mask hangs with tweakers?

  5. Avatar Gero says:

    @Whit 1 and @stacy4: I’ve never heard dope for meth, only for opiates (like Bayer children’s heroin) and pot, so I agree with Whit on this one…

  6. Avatar X-stacy says:

    Like I said, depends who’s talking. Urban Dictionary backs you up; my personal experience with tweakers (don’t ask) is at odds with that.

  7. Avatar Hyperanthropos says:

    This is a great example, how a word can change it’s meaning during the times. The man isn’t referring to drugs. “Dope” is here an old slang for “information.”
    It’s for scenes like this, that it is going to be awkward, if DC ever decides to bring back the Gay Ghost. (:

  8. Avatar Myro says:

    30 minutes later, Green Mask will be looking for a different reporter that has a bag of Funyuns.

  9. Avatar Mr.MikeK says:

    In the 40’s, methamphetamines were referred to as dope. The Nazi’s gave it to the SS during the blitzkrieg to keep them fighting for days. The troops that came across it referred to it as Nazi Dope. And yes, it is also old slang for info.

    Having been around my share of tweakers, bad clothing choices are one of their more endearing qualities.