Being a travel blogger is hard

(From "Airboy", volume 2, number 11, 1945.)

7 Responses to Being a travel blogger is hard

  1. Ah the 40’s, when racism wasn’t just tolerated, but encouraged…

  2. Funny how Japan looks like the Austalian outback.

  3. @Kate 2: What, you’ve never heard of Japan’s world famous deserts?

  4. And thus, the batplane Mk.1 is destroyed with Birdie inside. Back to the drawing board Batman! Better get yourself another sidekick. 😉

  5. @Gero: “Ah, the forties, when racism wasn’t just encouraged, it was hilarious!”

  6. When they land they are greeted by foreigners, “Hey mista, me lov yu long time, five dolla”

  7. The forties are over.