Giant Mutant Corny Dogs, ATTACK!

(From "Spectacular Feature" number 11, 1950.)

8 Responses to Giant Mutant Corny Dogs, ATTACK!

  1. Shouldn’t that be “but now she is avenged”? Or did his lion-wife eat them when they took her, and he avenged them by defeating her? Also, why are those giant ears of corn on fire, and who is he even talking to? This entire panel is just so confusing…

  2. I thought the same thing, Gero. Horribly drawn panel matched with confusing dialog.

  3. Two observations:

    1. A 40’s era swimsuit? What? Is it that difficult to draw a toga?

    2. What is it with this guy and fire? Does it symbolically represent his anger? Does he like playing with matches? I used to think that Johnny Storm was Smokey the Bear’s arch-nemesis– not anymore.

  4. Fire is the obvious choice. Those are clearly variants of El Seed‘s Corn Troopers. Popcorn for everyone.

  5. What’s with that pose? Is he doing victory air-humps?

  6. “I have burned of them their crops, and now my pain he knows.”

  7. Muntant corn dogs? This must be part of Mechele Obama’s plan to scare kids to eat healthier.

  8. Maybe his wife is a real shrew, and he felt bad for them after they took her. So a bit of vengence on their behalf and a giant bowl of popcorn later, he feels they’re even.