Caption Contest 110 Winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the Creepy Bear Caption Contest! I picked out a few that I thought were particularly funny:

  • MLS: Fuzzy Wuzzy wants you bare.
  • Jake: Where’s Archie? Well, lets just say this bed sheet used to be white.
  • Patrick: This bed is juuussst riiigghhht!
  • Mr.MikeK: I’m the Don’t Care Bear.
  • McKnight57: I’M the reason Goldilocks’ bed was just right.
  • Gene:
    1. Once you go bear, you learn to like hair.
    2. Hey, you ladies know you have the right….to Bear arms.
    3. Have you ladies seen my … honey?
  • Joel: “So, which one of you lovely ladies wants to make me a REAL boy?”

I liked all of those, but since there can be only one winner, I am going with ... Gene!

Congratulations to Gene, and thanks again to everyone who entered.

5 Responses to Caption Contest 110 Winner!

  1. Very funny all of these, my personal favourite was MrMikeK’s “Don’t Care Bear”. I love the concept and implications of that one since it’s one of the few that DOESN’T have sexual implications.

  2. Wow cool! Thanks!

    Hey now Kaylin88100, mine is a political statement about the tight to bear arms, I dunno what you are talking about 😉

    Hey Jeff, could you give a lazy guy at work the link to the last vote we did on contest prize substitutions? I have a few ideas, but if I remember correctly, there was some good stuff on that list.

  3. Congrats on the win (and most of the honorable mentions), Gene!

  4. Astrobee
    Fur Fish
    Iron Shine
    Nerve Giggle
    Rush Cyborg
    Shot Blaster
    Sword Chop
    Wind King

    The Winner is… NERVE GIGGLE

  5. On its way to you, Gene 🙂