Hypno-Toad finally wises up

(From "Weird Comics" number 5, 1940.)

10 Responses to Hypno-Toad finally wises up

  1. Avatar Patriot_Missile

    All hail… The HYyyPNoo TOooAaad..![TZZZRRRK!]

  2. …what th’…?

  3. why’s Dick Dasterdly at the window?

  4. gooooooooood now take off your clothes

  5. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    This actually explains the toad’s luck in kissing princesses!

  6. I she getting into bed? I gotta get me one of these toads!

  7. Wow. That’s creepy.

  8. I’m not seeing the… ALL PRAISE HYPNOTOAD!

  9. Oh those warts, yeah their not contagious, now get in the bed!

  10. Avatar spidercow2010

    Can we start some sort of campaign to bring back Weird Comics?