I'll take "double entendres" for $1,000 Alex

(From "The Eagle" number 2, 1941.)

18 Responses to I'll take "double entendres" for $1,000 Alex

  1. He’s got hungry eyes going on behind her

  2. Oh Lord, that expression. There is NO WAY the artist wasn’t messing with them when he drew that.

  3. When they say “terrible dragon”, do they mean Jacob, Edward, or the ubercreepy fangirls?

  4. Wulf, nice going picking up on the name “Bella”! LOL 😀

  5. I wonder where the queen’s daughter is lost. The brothel?

    (Also, that’s the most amazing bra I’ve ever seen.)

  6. Suction cups, maybe. Or glued on.

  7. God man talk about bad pick-up lines. Now I understand the need for the comic codes!!!

  8. Wonder if they’ll try the backdoor entrance!

  9. Wonder if they’ll try the backdoor entrance!


  10. ………get.the.rape.whistle.

  11. “Hard going for who?”

  12. Dude’s getting nowhere. NO woman likes to have it referred to as the Valley of the Terrible Dragon.
    Also, what IS that in his right hand?

  13. Admit it, X-Stacy. You want one.

  14. The going will be hard, but not as much as the coming. Sorry, people, I had to.

  15. “I’ll take the rapiest for $200, Alex”

    “NO, you idiot, it’s THERAPIST”

  16. @AMS Sean Connery ftw!

  17. I think my girlfriend needs one, spidercow. For, er, research.