"Only the SIDE?! Unacceptable!"

(From "Samson" number 3, 1941.)

12 Responses to "Only the SIDE?! Unacceptable!"

  1. “The building is so weak, it’s falling over on it’s own. Damn you building! If you held on a few minutes longer, I could have knocked you down myself!”

  2. It’s okay Samson. Not every building toss will be perfect. I know you will do better next time.

  3. You guys aren’t getting it. It’s an intelligent building and when it figured out that Samson was coming for it, it decided on a preemptive strike. It’s dropping itself onto Samson.

  4. Samson didn’t destroy the whole building? Inconceivable!

  5. The building just pwned Samson. Building WIN!

  6. I love that idea, Worf, I bet you’re right!

  7. “I’ll have to stop it by throwing this other building at it.”

  8. So at this point, I admit I’m having a tough time deciding who my favorite “forgotten” Golden Age character is my favorite. Is it Samson with his architecture-heaving habits; Bulletman (with Bulletgirl and Bulletdog!) getting flung about the skies by his neck; or the Iron Skull and his zany “Please only aim your bullets at my head” appeals? Decisions decisions …

  9. stemming from Worf(3)’s comment:

    “Hear me, Samson! I am Archie Tekture, the elemental spirit of all buildings! And now, for my fallen brethren, I shall claim vengeance upon you! Imminent Collapse!”

  10. Samson:999 Buildings:1
    There’s only 1 of Samson…you figure it out.

  11. Okay, since nobody else is asking, what is happening with his crotch?

  12. @P.F. Burns #11: That’s not his crotch. Sampson just finished taking a dump of biblical proportions, he turned around and pulled his drawers back up.