Poll Position: Luke Skywalker vs. Magneto

I return to our "Versus" roots this week for the following Throwdown Spectacular:


I'm assuming we're dealing with a full Jedi Luke here, the guy from Episode VI. So that means Magneto can probably grab that robotic hand and try to rip it out of Luke's forearm. On the other hand, you can be pretty sure Skywalker's going to be grabbing back with the full power of the Force at his command. Which will be the more powerful tool? Considering Yoda was far superior to Luke in Force-power, and yet even he could lift an X-Wing only very slowly, while Magneto routinely chunks tanks and planes and ships around, I would think Magneto wins.

Still, as a Jedi, Luke I am sure is equally adept with either hand, so the loss of one might not be a major inconvenience. We also learned during Empire that even a half-trained Jedi gets used to having big chunky blocks of metal flung at him, which is one of Magneto's favorite tricks.

The key question in this fight to my mind is, could Luke get close enough to Magneto to bring his light saber into play? If he can, I think Magneto's toast. He can throw up all the magnetic shields he wants, I doubt it's going to get in the way of a well-placed Jedi saber slash.

What do you think? Who would win, and why?

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