Hal Jordan takes a walk on the wild side

(From "Green Lantern" number 2, ©1960, DC Comics.)

10 Responses to Hal Jordan takes a walk on the wild side

  1. What a day this has been,
    What a rare mood I’m in,
    Why it’s almost like being in love!

  2. Hey Jeff, what gives? The blog ate my previous comment.

  3. Niall, the new caching plugin we had to install to help ease the load on the server (i.e. so it would stop crashing and not serving up the page at all) has the unfortunate side effect of not immediately showing comments. They do show up after a couple of minutes, though.

  4. “And I’m going to narrate everything that I do out because I live in the Silver Age!”

    “…Wait, shouldn’t I be saying this in a thought bubble?”

  5. “out loud”, sorry.

  6. Hal regretted dropping acid after the hallucinations ended.

  7. I have this odd feeling he’s gonna break out into a elaborate song and dance number…My god, The Music Meister is off panel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_q1SdaWLlw&feature=related

  8. Hal, put down the magic mushrooms and walk away…

  9. Just say “no” Hal

  10. He probably regretted it long before the hallucinations ended, Myro. As I recall from my mispent youth, a trip lasts several hours, whether you want it to or not!