I don’t think “much” means what you think it means

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 16, 1941.)

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  1. “We’re only a few yards behind them! We should be passing them in about 8 hours at this rate!”

  2. Oh, snap we have a max speed of 450 mph and they have a max speed of 450.5 mph and we only have 2 more hours of travel time left before we get there!

  3. Thank you for the Princess Bride near-quote. “i do not think that word means what you think it means.”

  4. I guess in 1941 they didn’t quite have a grasp on the concepts of time and velocity.

  5. Unless they reach ludicris speed!!!

  6. @Frankie:
    Either that, or they had some kind of perspective issues. After all, if that ship they’re chasing were, say, 2-3 orders of magnitude larger than it looks, it might be far enough away for that time constraint.

  7. I could almost imagine this being Monty Python-esque:

    “Our ship is much faster than theirs! We’ll catch up with them in q few hours!”
    “Seconds, sir.”
    “What was that, pilot?”
    “We’ll catch up with them in a few seconds, sir. You said hours.”
    “I know what I said.”
    “Sir, I’m on their tail now.”
    “Then throttle back, man! We’re not due to intercept them for two hours and fifty-nine minutes!”

  8. Maybe that ship in front isn’t the ship they’re chasing. Maybe it’s just a common model and color.

  9. They could just open the window and throw rocks at them, their only like 5 feet away LOL

  10. …or until they run out of gas, whichever comes first!

  11. Myro- I can almost imagine two of the Pythons doing that as a sketch! (I’m thinking John Cleese and Eric Idle).

  12. @Punkjay 5: Greatest. Movie. Ever.

  13. Ok, either that ship is several miles in size so that it’s so far ahead but doesn’t really look it or it’s about the same size as the chasing ship and is only a couple dozen or so yards ahead. I’m betting the latter, which means the faster ship is faster by what, a sixteenth of a mile?

  14. @ Gero: (12) Yeah i’m glad someone got the reference.