Not-so-great moments in abrupt plan changes

(From "Uncanny X-Men" number 150, ©Marvel Comics.)

11 Responses to Not-so-great moments in abrupt plan changes

  1. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    is magneto about to make out with a dead thirteen year old!

  2. That wouldn’t be his worst crime, Watson. 🙂

  3. Well, at least here, she got rid of the leg warmers and skates, that’s at least 3 colors gone bye-bye.

  4. Caption contest for the next panel- The XMen stand around in a circle. Someone yells: Oh snap Magneto, you just served.

  5. Bad move Magneto. You should have just given her fashion advice. You know, before you moved onto your horrendous “Purple period.”

  6. What an evil little bigoted star.

  7. I think he accidentally turned her into an Oscar while practicing his acceptance speech…

  8. “I took one look at your costume and decided that was a far better plan.”

  9. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Is it me or is there a glaring size disproportion between Kitty and Magneto?

  10. Avatar Kaylin88100

    No Dan, it’s just that she’s a 13 year old girl and he’s an adult man.

  11. Avatar Patriot_Missile

    I remember this issue. Storm is standing behind Mags saying “Magneto! If you have a deity… pray to it!”

    But then he talks his way out of hot blazin’ electric death somehow. Later, he and Rogue become an item in the Savage Land. Wow, did I nerd out just now.