Samson visits the salon

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 10, 1940.)

10 Responses to Samson visits the salon

  1. He’s attacking the barber college!

  2. We know he doesn’t like to get a hair cut, but who waxes his chest???

    And why can’t the owner of this comic not spill his coffee? Maybe he should drink decaf!

  3. I told you. He wanted to destroy the town in yesterday’s panel because it had a barber shop.

    Seriously, if these guys knew anything about how bad Samson’s hair is, and how cutting it would cause him to lose his strength, they’d just chuck a rock at his head. That should knock a hank of hair off his scalp.

  4. “When I ask for a perm, I want a goodamn perm!”

  5. He looks kind of bored. He’s just lazily shoving that guy away, and has no real expression on his face. I think Samson’s caused so much death and destruction he’s becoming a nihilist…

  6. Samson you goddamn Hippie.

  7. C’mon, who’s up for growing a Samson mullet? You know you want to!

  8. What I want to know is, how the heck does his hair grow back so fast every time it gets cut? And if it DOES grow back that fast, is it really much of a liability?

  9. Avatar knight1192a

    Shave him bald as a cue ball then make it permanent with electrology. No roots no magic regrow in a minute hair. Then beat him to a pulp.

  10. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Do you think you could subdue him with conditioner? Make him soft and pliable?