I bet the solution involves punching.

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 10, 1940.)

16 Responses to I bet the solution involves punching.

  1. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Get a job you long-haired hippy!

  2. Speak friend and enter? (For the LOTR geeks)

  3. Well, it’s quite simple, really. Say “Friend” and enter.

  4. *high-fives Dan*

  5. First, throw the comedy relief off the cliff for asking stupid questions. Second, go back to bed ’cause its Monday and Mondays SUCK!!!!

  6. Wulf, hahaha nice!!!

  7. @ Dan Beatty – That was comedy gold!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  8. “I know, let’s throw it into that high-rise over there!”

  9. I’d rather bang on the doors with your head, Peregrine Took!

  10. One question: How does he know it’s made out of granite if it’s all covered in paint?

  11. Seems the author thought the carbonation of his cola would help, explaining the stain in the corner.

  12. Avatar Kaylin88100

    ams (5): good idea!

  13. @Worf(10):
    He doesn’t know. Samson’s simply taking it for granite, that’s all.

  14. Avatar MusicAddict

    EnderX(13): That was horrible. Worse yet, I laughed anyway. Thanks!

  15. ‘How’ll we get in?’? You the bleep do you think you are? Goldie Locks? It’s a strange building. You don’t NEED to get in. Carry on and mind your own business. Ever hear of people wanting their privacy?

  16. Avatar knight1192a

    Samson obviously isn’t a world traveller. Hey Samson, ever been to the Southwest? No? Ok, how about Chihuahua, Mexico? No? Alright, what about the Bandiagara Escarpment in Africa? No? Gees, gotta get out more.