Caption Contest 102 Winner!

With thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 102, I've gone through the submissions and picked out the ones I thought were funniest:

  • Frevoli : Honey, when I said you could drop in anytime – this wasn’t what I had in mind...
  • TopHat: Worst. Stripper. Ever.
  • Rick: I guess Ol’Archie chose Betty!
  • Nick Hentschel: Wow, ya really DO have women throwin’ themselves at ya!
  • skybandit: It works! Now, for my other two wishes!
  • punkjay: What is wrong with your wife Joe?! Every time we play poker she wants to practice her break-dancing!
  • P.F. Bruns: I toldja gold was a chick magnet.
  • Scorpidius: Harold, go get the puncture repair kit and the foot pump . . . . Blow up Betty has sprung a leak again!
  • Dudemeister: Oh Jeez! Seriously Joe, that hat just don’t hide her no more. You gotta get that Siamese twin sister REMOVED!
  • Bael: I fold. Too rich for my blood.!

And the winner of either any item they like to be included in HM3 or their own Sketch of the Day style illustration is ... Frevoli, with his first Caption or Character Design victory! Which is pretty surprising, because he (or she!) does some fantastic work.

Congratulations to Frevoli and all our Finalists!

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