Do NOT finish that sentence!

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 10, 1940.)

6 Responses to Do NOT finish that sentence!

  1. Trekkie says:

    Wait, a gangster pilot?

    Also, the gangster pilot’s not going to remain captive for very long since his partner will sneak up and cut off Samson’s hair. Again. (How you sneak up on someone on what looks like a very small plane I don’t know.)

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    “With flashing wings, a passing seagull smashes into Samson, cutting his hair with its beak!”
    “The wind whips Samson’s hair against the edge of the cockpit, cutting it off!”
    “Samson loses his balance and falls head-first into the propeller, cutting his hair!”
    “The gangster pilot fires his gun wildly, every bullet missing Samson but connecting with one strand of hair, until the mighty warrior is completely bald!”

  3. Myro says:

    That’s hilarious, Jeff. Samson needs to look into getting a hat. Or a hair net. Or even some hair conditioner with body strengthening. He’s got a worse weakness than Kryptonite.

  4. ams says:

    Jeff, what is your obsession with Samson’s hair?

    On a side note check out this Mars Bruno “Lazy Song” music video starring LEONARD NIMOY!?! Funny stuff!

    Live long and prosper!

  5. NGpm says:

    Maybe Samson could’ve partnered up with the Bullet Family ™. A bullet helm would be a boon for any hero with fragile locks. Course he would end up with really bad bullet hair … maybe even a bullet mullet.

  6. Dan Gonzalez says:

    The most powerful reach-around in the world! Gangsta’s paradise.