Stealth — you’re doing it wrong.

(From "Mystery Men Comics" number 4, 1939.)

14 Responses to Stealth — you’re doing it wrong.

  1. And thus Blind and Deaf Man met his end at the hands of his greatest enemy, Baron Von Obvious…

  2. “Hey you! Yeah, you! I’M SNEAKING UP ON YOU!”

  3. I’m sure wearing the jolly green giant’s suit doesn’t exactly make u invisible either

  4. William A. Peterson

    No, no, you don’t understand! It’s all part of his “Invisibility”incantation! 😀

  5. The voice isn’t coming from him at all. There’s a dude stood behing him.

  6. *stood behind

  7. Now all I have to do is comically stay behind him as he turns around in the direction of my voice.

  8. Myro (7): heh, My day camp kids were doing that the other day. It’s pretty funny when seven-year-olds do it for fun, but when grown men do it seriously…

  9. Kaylin88100

    Sticko97 (5): I think you’ve cracked it! 😀

  10. @Sticko 5: Mind. Blown.

  11. “All I have to do is shout out Happy New Year, and hit him over the head, and he won’t know what happened!”

  12. I think this old guy needs to retire if he’s sneaking up on people and announcing it!

  13. 🙂 i won!

  14. Reminds me of that one Marx Brothers film where Groucho leans in the window and says “I’m spying on you!” to the folks he’s supposed to be spying on…heh.