Caption Contest 100 Prize

Knighthawk and I have finished his prize for winning Caption Contest 100:

Thanks for the neat character to work on, Knighthawk!

5 Responses to Caption Contest 100 Prize

  1. Very interesting character. I always like SOD, it’s too bad you’re falling behind in that Jeff. At least we can thank Knighthawk for getting you to draw this.

  2. HeroMachine and contest stuff comes first, SODs very much last. I do them when I’m not buried under other stuff.

  3. Avatar Knighthawk

    Many thanks to you Jeff. Now I have just one question…
    How do I make this character in HM3? ^_^

  4. Avatar spidercow2010

    Is there a name for this character? How `bout Sgt. MacThorse?

  5. Avatar Knighthawk

    The name of the character is Flame Forge. A character I have played since ’99.