Evil Villain Fail

(From "Big 3" number 1, 1940.)

19 Responses to Evil Villain Fail

  1. Avatar Doornik1142

    If this doesn’t work he will subject her to…the Comfy Chair!

  2. Anarchangel Anarchangel

    “Then I will bring out the feather of doom!”

  3. You usually need to insert a quarter into the bed to get that effect…

  4. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    they don’t call him the french tickler for nothing lady!

  5. I like how she doesn’t wait to hear any of the bad stuff it’ll do to her that he’s about to say, and just up and calls him a monster after the tickle part…

  6. Obviously she wants more than a tickle.

  7. Avatar MusicAddict

    Wow, she’s every teenage guy’s dream girl.

  8. Avatar Dr. Shrinker

    “Drat, the drum isn’t working! Send in the trombone of irritation!”

  9. “But now I must leave you to go taunt the girl that I have strapped to a giant accordion in the other room.”

  10. You do realize that she’s basically giving him the name “Tickle Monster”, right? And where the hell did he find a giant bongo drum in 1940. Also, his coat and hairstyle make him look like Doc Ock.

  11. This guy’s a genius! Where can I get a giant kettle drum to tie my fiancee to?

    Oh, I guess that wasn’t what he was going for…

  12. @Jeff: Is her name Joan? And is this the panel that came previously to this: http://www.heromachine.com/2011/06/08/death-trap-la-petite-mort-trap-are-not-the-same-thing/

  13. Worf, it is indeed the panel just before that one.

  14. A vibrating bed you don’t even need a quarter for, neat!

  15. You should see what he does with bagpipes

  16. I wish I was her but he was Mia Hamm swinging that hammer.

    And role-reversal stuff. It’s fantasy, and I will indulge.

  17. He has her tied up and has a blunt instrument, no pun intended, why not just bash her in the face and be done before the hero come to save the day.

  18. “Afterwards, the vibrations will pleasure you like nothing before!”


  19. Thats so cruel………………. you disgust me!