The continuing adventures of Altar Boy

(From "Colossal Features" number 3, 1950.)

10 Responses to The continuing adventures of Altar Boy

  1. Well, gosh and golly gee, sir. It’s been a while since I broke out this seal of approval.

  2. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

  3. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    He’s going to show him his Colossal Feature.

  4. Hey Joey, ever been in a cockpit before? Ever seen a grown man naked? Ever hangout at the gymnasium?

  5. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Notice how the two thugs in the foreground are pining for the days when they were the “young talent”.

  6. That guy in profile on the left is the only character wearing the correct “Oh my god, call the cops” expression…

  7. I don’t get it, Jeff. What does this have to do with Astro City?

  8. As to quote the late great leslie neilsen. “billy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

  9. whoops mis quote just say its from airplane

  10. I can just hear the bad porno music now!