Apparently real men wear granny-panties

(From "Mr. Muscles" number 22, 1956.)

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  1. World’s most perfect man, except for fashion sense and naming.

  2. This might be the first Calvin Klein underwear ad. Double “M” for initials? Markie Mark?

  3. Mr. Muscles: Bulging everywhere except his pants.

  4. I love how the lady is trying to give him a trophy, but he’s too busy showin’ off the guns to bother even looking at her.

  5. Captain Steroids!

    That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  6. @Dan: I literally LOL’d. Excellent observation…!

  7. Is that? It can’t be! It is!! An actual depiction of a black man in a 1950’s comic without exaggerated features or any appearance of black face? Hold on…the date reads 1956; that explains it. It’s awfully close to the 60’s. *SIGH* My quest for an illustration, dating from 1901 through 1955, that isn’t stereotypical nor racist depicting a person of a non-WASP race/nationality continues.

  8. Is it me or is this guy the Nazi Ideal? Aryan blonde hair, blue eyes, huge muscles make the perfect man. Really? I could make a lot of blonde jokes here but I won’t.

  9. Hey I work in a nursing home and I see what happens to these guys 40 years later. He probably is in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank in the bank, hitting on a 20 something nurse, Bragging to her about how “I was Mr. Muscle!!” while they try and convince him he can’t stand up any more

  10. @ John (6) Thank you sir! 🙂

  11. Joshua – here’s a classic from 1953 – and the commentary may answer your questions about why they’re so hard to find:

  12. @thenate: God, those 2 characters should be on the bad costume list next week

  13. Avatar William A. Peterson

    TheNate, thank you! I know I’ve read that story, once before, a LONG time ago, but it was good to re-read it…

  14. TheNate, I never knew something like that existed, it is truly something to prove that comics can be yet another medium to promote positive change in society.

  15. Lest we forget, the “perfect man” must be muscular, but more importantly, white, blond, blue-eyed, and take long stride wile saluting and extending his legs at full length.

  16. At last– and with much thanks to TheNate– my quest is finally over. I’ll admit, at first glance, All-Negro Comics had me a bit concerned; I thought, “Lord, I hope this doesn’t come across as silly or ‘coonish'”. It was upon further reading that I discovered this comic was a valiant attempt by Orrin C. Evans to give black audiences something they could call their own. And to top it off, he provided meaningful employment to black artists and writers. I tip my hat to you, TheNate.

  17. TheNate (12) That comic is awesome!

  18. can you say “Zig Hial!!!”