RP: Zero calorie Krispy Kremes?!

(From "Man'O'Mars" number 1, 1953.)

10 Responses to RP: Zero calorie Krispy Kremes?!

  1. Avatar Dr. Shrinker says:

    Johnny Depp gained 300 lbs?

  2. Avatar MScat says:

    We could only hope!

  3. Avatar McKnight says:

    You sure it wasn’t jelly-filled, chocolate-covered, bacon-wrapped Twinkies?

  4. Avatar ajw says:

    clearly everyone has fun house vision therefore believing themselves too thin and over eating creating an entire world of fat un biased people but in other news racism is on the rise

  5. Avatar Brad says:

    Hover technology has been perfected! You don’t have to walk ANYWHERE anymore!

    So WTH was the original ad?

  6. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    It was for some kind of miracle diet device. It’s amazing how little weight-loss advertising and claims of no-work diets have changed over the years.

  7. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    All the skinny people died?

  8. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    …And by the way, I’m ONE of the skinny people!

  9. Avatar X-stacy says:

    Oh, god, I hope it’s not the one with the spiders. *twitch*

  10. Avatar Brad says:

    haha,Wow. The goofiness continues.