RP: Quick, call Robo Rooter!

(From "Super Mystery Comics" number 2.)

8 Responses to RP: Quick, call Robo Rooter!

  1. Avatar Worf says:

    If that’s a hand grenade, I’m a Ferengi.

  2. Avatar Reader Kate says:


  3. Avatar Myro says:

    It’ one of them new-fangled wrench-shaped grenades I keep hearing about!

    Also, to reiterate what Kate wrote, “Blinky…?”

  4. Avatar Loki says:

    You should be happy it ain’t poop.

  5. Avatar gero says:

    Oh lord, please tell me Blinky isn’t asian, Jeff, please…

  6. Avatar William A. Peterson says:

    Gero, why do you want Jeff to lie to you?

  7. Avatar Griffin says:

    Blinky isn’t asian. there is however a man in the back seat named Squinty who is

  8. Avatar Dan Gonzalez says:

    Blinky has an eyelid disorder. Remember boys and girls, back in the day it was equally important to make fun of the handicapped and infirm as well as the various inferior races.