META: Online comic book stores

Due to some recent unpleasantness at Heavy Ink, folks without local comic book shops are looking around for a good, reliable comic book vendor retailer online. For instance, I am in the middle of nowhere and at least 2-3 hours away from the nearest shop, so I need to get my fix through the mail. The Marvel Digital Comics are nice, but they're only Marvel and they're only digital.

Do any of you have recommendations on a good online store to manage subscriptions to a variety of titles?

12 Responses to META: Online comic book stores

  1. Avatar MScat says:

    I like to use…its a big shop in new york that has a HUGE selection online. Plus they have special deals for people who order online. Check it out its awesome

  2. Avatar Myro says:

    Having done a bit of research into this, I’m thinking about using Things From Another World
    The subscription interface needs a bit of work, IMO, but the ability to pre-order without a subscription makes it a little easier to deal with, and I’m hoping that by watchdogging certain titles, I can keep up to date if said character shows up in another series as well.

    My only problem wiht Midtowncomics, MScat, has been that they require you to subscribe to 10 or more titles in order to have a subscription account online, and I just don’t collect that many regular titles. Also, international shipping is pretty high, and I’m living in Canada. TFAW is also high, but slightly lower.

  3. Avatar Bullet Lad says:

    DC Comics also does digital. Their app on the iPhone/Pad is nice.

  4. Avatar remy says:

    I also recommend midtown.

  5. Avatar Tim K. says:

    I use

    They’ve been really good to me in terms of getting me my comics, helping sort through any issues I’ve had (great customer service.) Plus they discount a bit.

  6. Avatar Myro says:

    Tim K (5): Thanks, this might do nicely.

  7. Avatar zaheelee says:


  8. Avatar Mark Cothern says:

    I’ve used Westfield Comics for several years and been very happy with them.

  9. Avatar CyberSavant says:

    Mile High Comics in Denver.

    I’ve had very successful & satisfying dealings with them.

  10. Avatar Thor Parker says:

    Hey guys try Midtown’s Previews advance ordering service. It’s a good money saving option for you since you don’t like the 10 piece subs minimum!


  11. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Thor, much appreciated. I’ve been in the store there a few times when I’ve been in NYC visiting UGO, it’s awesome.

  12. Avatar Myro says:

    Off topic, but is that the same Thor Parker I saw on Yahoo!’s story on the death in the Fantastic 4? Awesome!