RP: How’d you know it was me?!

(From "Keen Detective Funnies" number 21, 1940.)

9 Responses to RP: How’d you know it was me?!

  1. “Leave me be. I’m not in league with the Hamburgular anymore. And what I did with the Sandwich, was on the side for a little extra dough.”

  2. Pickles should definately lay off the booze.

  3. Now I have a new background…

  4. “Pickles, I want you to stop masturbating.”

  5. All of a sudden, the Eye’s arch-nemesis The Pointed Stick flies through the window! Thus rendering justice truly blind.

  6. Some people have really cruel parents.

  7. Sauron’s not nearly as imposing in person ….

  8. why is that sunny side up egg talking to Pickles?

  9. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    No Pointed Sticks! Pickles is still learning to defend against bananas!