META: Moving

I am moving yet again, so posting will be spotty till Saturday at the earliest. Sorry folks.

Hope you're having a good holiday season though!

6 Responses to META: Moving

  1. I still can’t believe you guys are actually going to Fairbanks. That’s, what, a three day drive from Colorado? You’re a braver man than me.

  2. Feels like yesterday when you guys moved to Colorado. Well have a safe trip! By the way, who won the latest caption contest?

  3. Once more unto the breach, eh? Wow, you’re moving more often than I did as a kid. Hope this move turns out better for you.

  4. Thanks guys, we’re still in SW Colorado, we’re just moving from a rental house to the one we bought and have been renovating. Good times.

    Caption Contest finalists are in a Text file on my system I just have to decide on a winner and find time to sit down at the computer to make the post. Might be a few days.

  5. Good luck with the weather, as it seems to have finally remembered to snow around here.