Character Contest 53: Bad guy

Granted, it's called the "Hero" machine, but let's be honest -- the Flash programming environment is fairly value-neutral. Which means it's time for you to unleash your inner bad-guy!

That's right, your character design challenge for this week is to create the baddest of the bad-asses, the scummiest of the villainous scum, the evilest of the evil overlords! The person who submits the coolest looking, most awesome, absolutely dead-on killer criminal character will win his or her choice of a) any item or b) any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3.

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest -- we had an "Angels and Demons" contest and a "D&D Character" contest a while back, for instance, and I don't want repeats of stuff you already did for those;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration.

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

232 Responses to Character Contest 53: Bad guy

  1. Malfar says:

    Well, entry number one – Gul, the Evil Genie. The enemy of both Men and Genies.

  2. Malfar says:

    Second entry – mean and wicked Yellow Demon, devourer of souls

  3. Malfar says:

    And the last of my entries for this contest – evil Satyre!

  4. Malfar says:

    Ok, I have lied, that was not the last, this one is. Deadly cold-hearted killer Ice Spirit!

  5. Connor S. says:

    Damn, Malfar. I think he’ll notice you lol.

  6. Mindless says:
    G.O.O.P , once a scientist who was working on nanotechnology when a freak accident cause him to become infused with the very nanites he was creating. now gone mad becuase of the fusion he blames all of humanity for his condition.

  7. Malfar says:

    What? Entries are unlimited, so I guess I did nothing wrong!

  8. Asder says:

    Feruz the king of the underworld

    And a remake of an old concept that a did before. Death angel II

  9. joel says:

    Thelonius Brachett; as far as villains go, he’s quite “Old School”

  10. VonMalcolm says:

    Is there a gender restriction on this contest? Are Bad Girls welcome? Or, perhaps, will they have their own future contest?

    (I have a bad girl made from awhile back.)

  11. borntobealoser says:

    Here’s my entry:


    Haven’t come up with a name, but I think it’s safe to say he looks evil.

  12. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 1

    Lord Drakon: the scorcher

    Many centuries ago a cruel and despised lord found a jeweled armored breast plate that granted him powers beyond mortal man. The gem housed in the armor was the Dragon Stone an ancient and powerful source of magik with which he could now control blasts of hellfire and swiftly ride the air on leather wings. As his apatite for power grew so did his armies leaving nothing but sourced earth behind them, until a great and mighty sorcerer banished him into the gem. But now he has been released on a world that knows nothing of magic and is doomed to his burning touch.



  13. Phatchick says:

    The first of my demonic beauties; When judgement day comes, better hope SHE’S not the one dishing out the disipline.

  14. Phatchick says:

    My second demonic beauty; a schoolgirl succubus with a serious ‘tude.

  15. Idiosyncracy says:

    And here’s Demiurge, my entry for the contest. I don’t know if she’s evil, seeing as I’m not exactly qualified to make that assessment, but seeing as she’s psychopathic, narcissistic and slightly solipsistic (Always a nice thing in villains), I think she’ll fit.

    Also, I don’t know where she got that corpse. I don’t care about what you heard, I had nothing to do with that. I don’t sell that kind of stuff. No-uh.

  16. Asder says:

    @Phatchick 12, that one is so cute that makes my dog go crazy

  17. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 2


    Cyrus Gibson was forced out of his job due to his age and lost his health benefits. He would soon learn that working at the plant had given him a rare form of cancer that was going to kill him. At deaths door Cyrus was met by the Grim Reaper himself, Cyrus wasn’t ready to leave this mortal coil just yet as his heart was full of hate and revenge, he grabbed the scythe of death and fought his way back. Now he’s fate is to kill the ones that cheated him and in doing so replenish the sands of the hourglass before it runs out and he is sent back to the Netherealm.

  18. The Doomed Pixel says:

    A new rendition of Spectre, the ghostly haunt!

  19. PapaKrok says:

    Benito Vladmir Adolf Johnson AKA CurSplat

    He hates puppies. Really hates puppies. I mean it.

  20. The Imp says:

    CurSplat wins the internets for today.


  21. the Lidsan twins were powerful witches in the 17th century, they raided towns and kidnapped people to preform “experiments”. the townspeople finally revolted and hung the wicked witches thinking they were free from their evil powers. in the early 1940’s these two rose up looking for revenge by slaughtering town after town. They still cause havoc all over the world to this day.

  22. Anarchangel says:

    My first entry. The corporate criminal, Gold Digger:

  23. DaRumblyTank says:

    An interesting combination of multiple evils.

  24. Matt says:

    This is my version of Loki & giant serpent in the back spraying poison.

  25. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 3
    Mirror Mage

    There is tale that In the bowls of Ostrander Castle is a mirror that when the right incantation is preformed in front of it the viewer will receive their Hearts desire. But also trapped in the mirror is a vile creature that thrives off the hearts of the foolish and vain, of the corrupt and weak, and it waits for the next chance to be unleashed.

  26. Busy week, but here’s a little homage until I have some downtime this weekend.

    A Bureaucrat Inaction:

    @PapaKrok: Love the puns in CurSplat. Still can’t figure who Johnson is (Benito – Mussolini, Vladimir – Lenin, Adolph – Hitler, ?). And, as much as I hate dogs, that it is evil! ;p

  27. joel says:

    entry #2

    many a man has sought after the legendary Onikagenoken (demon shadow blade), for it is said to be the most powerful sword in all of creation. what people don’t know, is that this sword corrupts its wielder with the spirits of the demons forged into its steel. all who hold this blade are tainted by its evil and turned into demons themselves.

  28. Somebody says:

    ok, i guess i shouldnt do this. b/c twice the program quit workin on me in the midst of it!!!…and i wasnt even using patterns!

  29. Vogie says:

    Just one entry for me
    93 men died in the governments horrific attempts to create a perfect cyborg soldier. Project 94 was the first, and last, to succeed. A soulless monster of machine and flesh, Project 94 lives solely to kill, he proved this be killing all 247 men on the base his project was facilitated in. Countless civilians have succumbed to the wrath of this mechanical beast. He is still at large.

  30. Fyzza says:

    First character for the contest, made a few days ago.


    This guy was manily inspired by characters on Runescape.

    His body is made up of hot coals, lava and firestone*. He has the powers of invulnerability on his arms, knees and neck, superstrength (so he can wield and strike with his halberd in one hand if needed.), and necrokenesis (powered by his blood diamond amulet*). He wears armour made of Tungsten Carbonite fused with an unknown element*, and this concoction has been proven to withstand 84,650° Fahrenheit (47,010° Celsius) – hotter than lightning. He is rumoured to have been formed with hell itself, but nobody knows exactly how old he is. The staff of his halberd is made of Hellwood*, coated with the unknown substance which makes up some of his armour.

    *Firestone = a rock type that is eternally on fire, and can never be extinguished.
    Blood diamond amulet = blood from the people that Lucifer had kileld was collected, put in with crushed carbon and he then superheated it to create a blood diamond, which was then set into an amulet and enchanted by Beelzebub to become a Necrokenesis Amulet.
    Unknown element = The same thing that Thunderbird 1’s nosecone is made of, for those Thunderbird fans, but I cannot recall what it’s called, so I’ve put unknown element.
    Hellwood = A type of wood which doesn’t catch fire at all, which is extremely strong, only found in hell.*

    1st link is him in his ‘haunt’, an abandoned desert hamlet.

    2nd link is just Lucifer without background.

    3rd link is a closeup minus flames coming out of his helmet.

  31. Darth_Neko says:

    Quentin Creed had achieved godhood quite well, his so-called ‘friends’ were all dead, his enemies were afraid and weary to start a conflict with him, he was in control of five nations; and had amassed an army to rival that of the U.S. at his disposal. Quentin referred to himself as the modern day Alexander the Great, and like his hero; he had his mindset on conquering the world…. Quentin Creed, and his demons were all gone, along with any hope of saving him. From this day forth, he was THE HOURGLASS!!!

  32. Darth_Neko says:

    Ok, let’s try that again! This is the Red Void.

  33. Troy Prine says:

    (The MegaGoober)
    Probably not the “baddest-looking”, but thats just my opinion.
    This is Oreo Hadron, the primary antagonist of my story, The Fall of Venteran. (I would say that you could read it in the UGO Forums, but I’ve decided to stay away from it for my mental health. Anyways, you might be able to view it on my Facebook page, where I will be continuing and finishing it.) Although he does very little in the way of directly opposing or conflicting with the heroes of the story, he plays a vital role behind the scenes.
    Oreo Hadron is the heir to the throne of the nation of Xel, son of Lord Throat, [SPOILER] who DOES battle with the protagonist in the end of Book I. Book II of The Fall of Venteran brings to light the actions taken by Oreo and his small group of conspirators. Although he does himself see to the assassination of Lord Orion, ruler of the Domino nation, his actions beforehand and afterward are generally neither good nor evil, although at times he partakes in heroic acts as well as criminal involvements. His bodyguard, Grann Sileus, his confidant, Consul Annihilus, and himself travel the countries of the world of Venteran to gather people’s opinions of a number of controversial topics, such as the Century War, which began because the Xel nation broke a world-accepted agreement concerning the development of science and technology, which was believed to keep the world from warring with each other. As well, Oreo attempted to persuade the public and high officials to consider throwing out the anti-technology agreement. Oreo had studied dark and forbidden magics from his mentor, Annihilus, and manipulated his father, Lord Throat, to wage war against the Westoond and Domino nations, who were the first to attack Xel in the Century War. From the diversion caused by Xel’s preemptive strikes on the unsuspecting countries, Oreo ordered a trio of insurgents to pose as Domino ambassadors and attempt the assassination of Westoond’s Lord Melarz, while Oreo went incognito as one of Domino’s palace guards. When Lord Orion was alone, he removed his guise and confronted the sage-king. With some trouble, Oreo killed Lord Orion and had a short run-in with the lamenting prince, Darian, who would later join the protagonists of Book I. In Book III, the ruler of the Tros nation, Gall Ventaros, makes a final stand against prince Hadron’s forces, and eventually faces him in the field of battle. Although without supernatural powers of his own, Gall overcomes Oreo and kills him, leaving Gall the final true lord of the planet Venteran. He dies soon after, surrounded by the Xel army, along with his own trusted guards and valiant militia.

    Sorry, I kind of got carried away with the story. Thanks for not making submissions strict, my later submissions will hopefully not have such a long explanation.

  34. The Imp says:

    Ranulf Bloodbeard, an evil dwarf warlord I had loads of fun playing in a D&D campaign years ago. He was a nasty bastard.

  35. Zyp says:

    FINALLY had the time and energy to take part in one of these again! Here we go:

    Revolver: A hired goon working for the mob. Not the average gunman though.

    Razor: Badass post-apocalyptic assassin.

    Just an oridinary evil lord causing chaos flying around with a triplane shooting things.

    Alien queen taking over the earth

    The baddest girl in the college holdeng every other girl in terror just by being so cool and evil and… stuff…

  36. ajw says:

    imp you are great at fantasy characters.

  37. PapaKrok says:

    Ha! Atomic punk! “Johnson” is just a reference to how much of a weiner someone has to be to stomp puppies..and evil of course. PS Love your stuff!

  38. Arioch says:

    Domhellsing: You rule

  39. PapaKrok says:

    I was kinda angry at my GF when I created him… totally diagnostic?

  40. PapaKrok says:

    Dead Loot, Breaker of ancient hearts and sacker of lifetime assets.

  41. Frevoli says:

    Hey guys

    Doctor Richard Nectix; acclaimed scientist, captain of industry and founder of Nectix Labs.

    An explosion at the facility exposes him to a compound of chemicals; leaving him dependant on them to survive. To prevent the condition from deteriorating his body, he designs a suit which keeps him in a compound-rich environment.

    When the board agree a vote of no confidence, locking him out of the company, he finally cracks (mental deterioration being also part of his condition).

    Dreams of winning the nobel prize replaced with ruling the world… the doctor is in

  42. Monstero says:
    This piece of alien technology was launched aboard the spacelab “Discovery” It killed off the crew, and now lures any unsuspecting travelers to their death with its eerie call.

  43. Monstero says:
    This man sold his soul to Satan, and these are the consequences. Though he is cursed with this form, he has legions of followers at his fingertips.

  44. Monstero says:


    This man sold his soul to Satan, and these are the consequences. Though he is cursed with this form, he has legions of followers at his fingertips.

    This link works.

  45. Legatus says:

    Moonwall’s Dark Angel is spectacular.

  46. lanSnake says:

    Alpha Team was created by a long time ago to preserve order and justice. They wield magical weapons that store the source of their power. Alas, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Over the years the warriors became obsessed with might and were consumed by their evil desires.

    Behemoth – The Hateful
    Behemoth wields The Hammer of Destruction, which gives him enormous strength. Even though he has the power to split the ground beneath his feet and cause earthquakes, he envies everyone for everything.

    Kappa – The Silent One
    It’s been a long time since he has said so much as a single word. One day he just stopped speaking, knowing that there was nothing more that deserved speaking of or to. Now he judges the ones he encounters and destroys even those with the slightest sin. Using his Bow of Judgement to “drown” his victim in sorrow and fear.

    Roc – The Fearless
    The terrible warrior named Roc was once a feared but respected protector of the innocent and weak, who didn’t feared the reprisals of those he offended. That lack of anxiety has made him loose even his fear for judgement or death himself.

    Surtur – The Insane
    Wielding the Swords of Light and Hope, Surtur was the most powerful of them all. Able to burn his enemies with the merest thought. On a certain moment he broke free from the weapons curse and when he saw what they had become and had done in their madness, he went utterly insane.

  47. Vengeance says:
    two random villians
    the heavly armoured Dreadnought and Lord Tempest whom has weather control powers

  48. Monstero says:
    This machine was created during an undocumented year in the past. After bringing death and destruction there, he was sent forward into the 21st century.

  49. Monstero says:

    The Cyberdemon
    This is a heromachine 3 recreation of the doom 2 monster of the same name.

  50. BLNM says:

    I was bored…

    Deep within his secret lair (his parents’ basement) he can hack your Facebook account, spam you’re forum page, and kill off your internet connection with random viruses all in TWO HOURS! He is…

    It cut off the hyphen for some reason…

  51. PapaKrok says:

    Deepwater, his voracious appetite for vanishing fossil fuels has driven him to search ever deeper in the ocean floor. His ruthless pursuit has won him the title “Destroyer of Oceans”.

  52. Domhellsing says:

    The witch very, very bad by Domhellsing

  53. PapaKrok says:

    Shifting mindsets through horrific acts of violence against creatures of equisite beauty. Man, that’s harsh.

  54. Arioch says:

    Paradigm: Impressive arm-ripping o_O

    The witch: I love the background and the light

  55. Whit says:

    I haven’t been here in a VERY long time. Nice to take a couple hours to revisit and post a pic.

    My mind went a very different direction with this theme. I thought about how every human being contributes to the ills of the world, how we’re all a bad guy somehow. So I cooked up a pic to try to represent that.

  56. Rigby says: “Purple Haze”

    Heh, I didn’t realize there was and alpha for HM3 and just used 2.5.

  57. Whit says:

    Grr, it cut off the bottom of the picture. It says “+ 2,493,204 more”

  58. Knitesoul says:

    A high school student, simple hair, backpack, tucked in shirt, wide grin, looks like he’s having a nice day. It looks that way, but something seems off. Inside of him, is a dark & emotionally disturbed young man. Inside is an intent to destroy, anybody & anything for any reason he seems unfit for his life. He can inflict damage with any object, his favorite, a simple #2 pencil. He posesses strength & speed, & always with a smile in any occasion. Inside he’s a bad guy, but outside, he’s just Normal.


  59. Bleep! CC 53 is only two days old and I’ve already spotted 99 really awesome designs. Lots of originality and a few new posters (Hello, out there in TV land!).

    Some early notables:

    Watson Bradshaw’s Mirror Mage (42): Gory yet absolutely chilling

    Vogie’s Project 94 (46): “Killer” cyborg

    Zyp’s Pilot (55): That pose, the expression, the hand in pocket

    PapaKrok (72): All of your entries are amazingly good, but Slinker is the stuff of nightmares.

    Domhellsing’s Witch (75): I used to date her. Yes, very very bad! (but not in the good way).

  60. Tuldabar says:

    He can become your worst nightmare, the thing you fear most he is. He sees into your mind, and can control thousands with a mere flick of his skeletal fingers. His true form is a small, bereft, frightened child. But his hatred of happiness denied him is as strong as the gods.
    His name is Wrathe.

  61. Troy Prine says:

    (The MegaGoober)
    This is Great, the dreaded wizard of planet Xelgor. Great was once a simple Goatman who practiced apprentice magics, but when the meteor carrying the evil supreme being Spirra crashed on Xelgor, Great was the first to discover it. Spirra communicated with him telepathically from inside the meteor, telling him that if he freed him, he would give Great anything he desired. Great asked Spirra for control over time and space, and recieved it after breaking open the hull of the meteor with a war-hammer. When Spirra exited his stone prison, he thanked Great, then attempted to destroy him. Great used his newfound abilities to halt time and bind the supreme being with enhanced magics. When time began again, Great struck another deal with Spirra. He would work for him to bring forth the downfall of the world’s kingdoms, so that he and his oppressed race could roam the planet free and once again in power. Spirra agreed, lamenting in the monster which he had created.

    Ah, thats all i’ll write for now. Anyways, this all takes place in another book I’m writing, called The Guardians of Xelgor.

  62. PapaKrok says:

    FuhrereousRex releases pure concentrated evil into his shorts just before his glorious demise.

  63. Krimzon says:

    I don’t have a name for this one, just “Dark Kingdom”. Sorry about the fuzziness.

    Tried to do backgrounds this time. Took a while.

  64. Hines57 says:
    As last of the Fireborne, he has been hunting and killing those responsible for the poaching and deforestation of his kinds’ habitats in Europe and South America.

  65. Hammerknight says:

    A. Johnson female gangster, if her first shot don’t kill you her next fifty will.

  66. BLNM says:

    PapaKrok, that guy looks like he would be BEYOND pain.

  67. PapaKrok says:

    When Lucifer gets intimidated by bullies, he sends for his daughter Sally.

  68. 3rdvendetta says:
    “Black Hole”
    An Ancient God, He is the being that createsblack holes in Space. He controls Gravity and Subspace, and can turn to normal size to reak havoc on earth.
    “Darth Reynard”
    A Sith Lord from Mandalore, he trained for a short time in secret with Darth Vader, and was a descendent of Jango Fett’s family. He was able to utilize Force Choke and Force Lighting but was very limited in lightsaber fighting style. He was about to leave to Coruscant from the Death Star to assassinate the Emperor when the Rebel fleet from Yavin 4 destroyed the Death Star, killing everyone on board, including Darth Reynard.
    “Iron Scarab”
    Using the same technology as Tony Stark used for Iron Man, the Iron Scarab was developed with Tungsten, an incredibly strong, malleable element, and reinforced with steel. The Iron Scarab is capable of speeds up to 3000 mph and the blades on its hands can cut through trees in two seconds, as well as its wings. The pilot is Garrett Sessel, a criminal mastermind who uses the Iron Scarab for, of course, evil.
    His name was George Savage, until he sold is soul to the Devil for eternal life after he was sentenced to death for serial killing. The Devil gave him the powers to steal people’s souls by entering their dreams and making a doppelganger of their image, which is their soul, and executing it. So far he has claimed over 760.
    Another Ancient Space God, he is the creator of Suns and also their demise. He devours planets in fire and sends Solar flares millions of miles into Space, frying entire Solar System. He sometimes battles Black Hole for Spacial dominance, some battles lasting over 2 million years

  69. PapaKrok says:

    Hey! BLNM! Thats a great character name….

    Introducing Beyond pain:

    You think your day sucked??

  70. joel says:

    entry #3

    The King of Madness

    there is only one thing that can be done about him, just one thing: pray that the seal binding him never breaks.


    this is my first entry. i am trying to get the stupid link
    to work but it won’t for some weird reason. if it doesn’t work go to deviant art and find psychoplatapus, the witches is my entry.
    “the Lidsan twins were powerful witches in the 17th century, they raided towns and kidnapped people to preform “experiments”. the townspeople finally revolted and hung the wicked witches thinking they were free from their evil powers. in the early 1940′s these two rose up looking for revenge by slaughtering town after town. They still cause havoc all over the world to this day.”

  72. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 4

    The Phantom Doctor

    The papers have given him many names over the years, the butcher of Burbank, the skinner, the night surgeon, but his M.O. is always the same no matter what city he calls home. He stalks his pray, abducts them, and in a course of a week will skillfully cut them up. Starting always with the hands, he will amputate the right first and then the left, after that he will flay his victims. There is evidence to say that the victims die during this proses but are revived just to feel more pain. The bodies are then taken to a dark and secluded spot to be dumped.
    If you have any information to the whereabouts of this individual please contact your local police.

  73. Watson Bradshaw says:

    entry 5
    The Lord of Lies

    seated on a throne of bones he uses temptation to gain trust and influence. “vanity has always been my favorite sin”.

  74. joel says:

    entry # 4

    the first and last attempt at a documentary about pillaging giants.

  75. Legatus says:

    @3rdvendetta: I cannot see them and I won’t create a facebook account just for that purpose (do you think Jeff will?)

  76. Myro says:

    I went with 60’s and 70’s era James Bond for my inspiration on this one.

    Wladimir Ovalenko is the Ukranian-born leader of S.T.R.I.F.E. (Syndicate of Terrorism and Revolutionary Insurgency via Fear and Extortion). Intent on world domination, S.T.R.I.F.E. follows a pattern of buying, building, or stealing weapons of mass destruction, then using them to extort money from world governments, and finally using the money to fund allied insurgency groups to destabilize the same governments in favor of puppet leaders loyal to S.T.R.I.F.E. Truly sociopathic, Ovalenko isn’t above mass murder to further his own ends.

  77. spidercow2010 says:
    He is known to the trembling masses as Lord Egrejius of Darkenheim. He wields the power of Ultimate Malificence, and he wields it like no other, for no other can stand before his all-dreaded nefariousness. Seek not to defeat him, for you shall surely perish in thy pitifulosity. Ha ha haaaa– hold on, I gotta take this call. (whisper:) Mom, I’m kinda busy right now…oh, y’know, supreme evil, that kinda…OK…yeah, me too…well, not right now…aw, MMMOMmm!…

  78. spidercow2010 says:

    Quite frankly, I don’t remember if I’ve sent this already (I think not), but it fits the category so here it is. Just making sure that Mad Science represents.

  79. spidercow2010 says:

    @psychoplatapus (97):
    In DeviantArt, find the box marked Download Image. Right-click it.
    Scroll to Copy Shortcut and click that.
    Paste what you just copied into the Leave A Reply Box on Heromachine.
    Should do it for you; works for me. At least Jeff hasn’t 86’d me over it yet.

  80. Frevoli says:

    has there already been a contest for assassins/mercenaries or henchmen?

    Cause I’ve got a few in stock but don’t want to use them now if better suited later

  81. Frevoli says:

    No one ever paid any attention to him, never even bothered to learn his name. To them he was just “the mechanic”. Unbeknownst to them, he had aims above his station.

    Hiding out in a scrapheap, never shy of materials, he built. He created. Whatever he couldn’t find, he stole. His first creation; a robotic drone powered by the brain of his colleauge (mortally wounded in an explosion).

    So he creates an army of robots, that’s his thing… The Mechanic

    (this is my first atempt at using light/shading, so please be kind)

  82. Jason22274 says:

    Scarlet Hellion’s entire race was hunted to near extinction, and for good reason! The Ralofron’s were a menace to all civilized races. Torture, rape, and wanton destruction didn’t need to be justified as far as they were concerned. Many diplomats had come to try making peace, but from the reports of the few survivors they rarely had the chance to speak a word before savagely being destroyed.

    Now it was just him, as far as he knew. The threat his races great numbers used to cause was gone, and so they left him alive. The fools! Chained like an animal, Hellion watched, and waited. Ralofrons were not known for their intelligence. They didn’t really need to know the intricacies of how to make an axe to steel one from a recently gored body. They didn’t need to understand the economy when all they wanted they simply took. And they didn’t need to understand how to invoke fear when they were fear incarnate!

    Now though, the Scarlet Hellion know more than his race ever had in the past, and felt he was ready he made his move. His shackles were too thick for him to break, so he used his powerful jaws to simply bite off his right hand. He didn’t scream in pain like the weaklings around him might, so when the guard came to feed him he didn’t know to account for the added 6′ of reach he now had. It was more than enough to do the job. He had to be quick though. Escape first, then pleasure. The guard didn’t have any keys on him, but his sword was sufficient to pry open a week link.

    He knew from the past gossip from the guards that the blacksmith had a daughter. That suited his plans. Using the daughter to force the blacksmith’s cooperation was like an aphrodisiac to him. He refrained though in his urgency to escape. He killed them both quickly with the newly crafted chain sword. It would take him some practice to get used to extending and retracting the blades, but he’d have time for that.

    Ever since, the Scarlet Hellion has been the thing of nightmares to the towns he visits. Slaking his thirst on the blood of the innocent. It might almost have been forgivable if the murders were done out of some demented sense of revenge. To the contrary though, he was thankful to be the last of his kind. It meant he didn’t have to share the joys of his private blood baths!

    (Gonna have to do another one some day… a yin to this guy’s yang, as it were.)

    Full view, chain blade partially extended:

    Head shot:

  83. borntobealoser says:

    Here’s my second entry, but I feel like both of my entries are second-rate compared to most of the others. Obviously people have been practising making evil characters a lot.


  84. Monstero says:

    On the dimensional plain Metus Formidio resides Poena Vir, better known as the Thundergod. After years of allowing rain to help poor farmers, he has grown weary, and now burns down forests with his lightining powers.

  85. Monstero says:

    After a miner from planet Pallens Perdo opened up an ancient temple, Anu Raki, a fierce, white furred, blue-skinned beast. So far, no brave Perdo-Alien has slayed the beast.

  86. Monstero says:

    Goldenclaw is a feared ghost-hunter who was killed by Magnus Vix Meus Deus Diabolus Gero, The feared 50-foot bear.Now, Golden claw hides in the woods and wreaks havoc on nearby villages.

  87. Domhellsing says:

    Lord of pain by Domhellsig

  88. MartianBlue says:

    Some very good entries, as usual.

    I think my favorite two thus far are…

    BlueBlazer’s Charade #19
    -I think the black is a bit dark and thus hides the details of the outfit, but love the simply, yet intimidating concept. A very convinving character

    Zyp’s “Triplane” #55
    -I don’t know exactly what it is that I like about this, Alot of things just pulls it together, from the 3/4ths pose, the coloring, the shadow, to the face. The one nitpick I have is the coloring on the cloak hanging in front of the shoulders, I know it matches the pants, but it seems off somehow.

    Either way alot of great stuff and it’s only wednesday.

  89. @spidercow2010
    i got it working on my last post. or at least when i click on the link it works.

  90. BLNM says:

    Had some spare time.
    White Glove:
    When I made him I was going to give him a detonator, but I couldn’t find anything to use as one.

  91. dave3dclark says:

    I call him Mage, or The Magic Man. A Vegas Showman, looking for a way to make his act better found a source of ultimate power, while researching an old Dragon Cult. Upon tapping into the power source that the Dragon cultist worshiped, he found that he gained ultimate power, The power of The Dragon.

  92. joel says:

    entry #5


    He is perhaps the strongest swordsman alive. His only purpose is to become the ultimate warrior and kill as many strong opponent as he can. he will even defeat the demons of hell.
    everyone he has ever faced has been killed by his blade Onikira (demon killer)

  93. Brons says:

    Interesting challenge. It seemed like the easy way out was lots of weapons, blood or fire, the markings and symbols of evil. So I set myself the task of creating the Man of Menace, keeping it, as I usually do, as simple as possible, or at least simple looking. Not sure how well it worked, but here is the black sheep of the family, Eev-El.


  94. DrkKnght says:

    He’s a combo of evil version of Batman, Derek Vinyard from American History X, Crossbones, and of course Deathstroke. He wields a bonechain, bone nunchucks, a broadsword, anything from small firearms to large calibur guns, crossbow, skullbatarangs, grappling gun, chemical weapons, a taser and a knife. He has a large amount of weapons and armor in his inventory. Behind the mask, he’s a neo-Nazi skinhead.

  95. zaheelee says:

    sorry that the picture is still viewed on the website, i couldnt figure out how to fix it.
    New White Witch:

  96. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 6


    Samantha thought that having toys that were alive would be like something out of a pixar movie, but when she grew up the toys still wanted to play…

  97. Jason22274 says:

    Name: Color Blind
    Power: sees in black and white
    Arch-Rival: The Fashion Police
    Tag-line: Some things you can never un-see.

    (sorry, took liberties with the concept of exactly what “bad” is.)

  98. spidercow2010 says:

    @psychoplatapus (#121), my fellow DeviantArtist: I know it LOOKS like it works, but Jeff has, as near as I can figure, a dial-up connection or something that takes FOREVER to load stuff. He’s been pleading with us for months to send him no links that connect to anything except the art itself: no website where the art is stored; nothing. Entries not matching the criteria will be rejected unseen. No disparagement of Jeff’s policies or web connection should be inferred; they are what they are. The point is he simply doesn’t have the time to wait for entries to load up. Maybe that’s changing, with Jeff’s current move perhaps, but I strongly advise you to re-send your entry using the procedure I outlined in #107.

  99. spidercow2010 says:

    Hey DrkKnght (126): Your Skullbat character sounds awesome…

  100. spidercow2010 says:

    Hey DrkKnght (126): Never mind. I didn’t know that clicking your hyperlinked monicker was just as good as clicking a link. Thanks for the schoolin.

  101. spidercow2010 says:

    …although that’s apparently not true in every case…never mind…I’m going to go now…

  102. Krimzon says:

    This one I call “The Decieving Eye”.

    The two men look human in this world, but their eyes show they are not of this world. They are from a dark, horrible place. Full of torture, gore, and never ending series of pain and anguish. The man in the middle is one of the many victims being tortured and mutilated forever and ever. They grin and laugh as the flesh is torn from their bodies, ripping and sawing as he hangs from a chain noose, bound by chains. However, humans cannot see him. They just see the men in suits. They are demons though. Hence, the decieving eye. Normal people have no idea they are from a place of never ending pain. The background is simply meant to enforce the horror (To add to the sudden jolt of horror), or it can be the gateway to their world. Reader’s choice.

    It’s an idea for a painting I’ve been working on. It’s meant to be symbolic, not so much as outright horror.

    “Come take your part in the haze. Burn the victims we paint. And twist them to glorious shades. Of sorrow and pain.”

    – Mushroomhead.

  103. Frevoli says:

    A villain who’s origin have nothing to do with an explosion

    – Sir Drake Ashford, honoured knight. He and a band of his fellow crusaders came across a cave of treasure. Inside was also a tablet to the wishing god. One wished for strength, one wished for knowledge, one wished for power, one wished for wealth, one wished for immortality… Drake wished for all of these times ten.

    Because of his greed he was cursed. Yes, he his wish would be granted, but he was transformed into a beast, a monster. When he attempted to turn on the other knights, the cave collapsed , sealling him in a rocky tomb. As centuries passed, he went mad. Until an archaeological freed him.

    Now unleased, all beware Drake

  104. DrkKnght says:

    Oh. Sorry about the link.

    He’s a combo of evil version of Batman, Derek Vinyard from American History X, Crossbones, and of course Deathstroke. He wields a bonechain, bone nunchucks, a broadsword, anything from small firearms to large calibur guns, crossbow, skullbatarangs, grappling gun, chemical weapons, a taser and a knife. He has a large amount of weapons and armor in his inventory. Behind the mask, he’s a neo-Nazi skinhead.

  105. PapaKrok says:

    The Killer I Know.

    Preface, I work at a county jail and had an interview with an inmate yesterday. he seemed very nice and quite normal…after the interview I looked up his booking record and saw that he has strangled, raped and disembowled a woman in a public restroom at 2 in the afternoon. I was pretty freaked out.

    Thus….this entry as a message. Sometimes the most evil people on the planet don’t look so evil on the surface…

  106. Watson Bradshaw says:

    PapaKrok (137) very disturbing, we sit and create some crazy looking images but there really are some monsters out there :/

  107. Iago_Valentine says:

    The Dark Countess ~
    Mina was brought through winding stone hallways, dragged roughly by two burly guards in the deep ocean blue livery of Variskarn. This in itself was her first clue that nothing good could come of her present situation. The Countess of Variskarn was renown for her reclusive nature, which she protected by ensuring that no one who saw her ever left her manor. It seemed as though Mina was about to discover for herself if all the legends were true.

    When at last her uncomfortable journey ended, she found herself in a small chamber, with a raised dais at one end. Massive braziers flanked the steps up to the platform, behind which stood a doorway, closed with heavy curtains. These parted as the steps of her captors thudded on the bare wooden floor. The Countess of Variskarn emerged from the room beyond, and Mina’s breath caught in her throat.

    She was beautiful, almost impossibly so, and much younger than Mina had thought she would be. Nevertheless, her presence sent a chill through the room that caused even the guards to shiver. With a silent wave of her hand, the two men bowed and left the chamber the way they had come, leaving Mina standing alone in the center of the floor.

    The Countess descended from her dais. Her footsteps were like thunder in the deathly silence. Mina gazed straight ahead, determined not to look the Countess in the face. The woman walked a slow circle around her, taking in her ragged appearance with cold grey eyes, and an expression that was an odd mix of contempt and curiosity. She took in every tremble of the girl’s hand, every ragged, terrified breath.

    After a few terrible moments, she ceased her inspection, and looked directly into Mina’s face. Mina flinched, sure that this was to be the last moment of her life. Instead, she heard a voice, that of the Countess, speaking two words in a cold, quiet timbre.

    “You’ll do.”

  108. Whit says:

    Okay, technical thing, I’ve been playing around with HM since back when 1.0 was the only thing out. One thing I can’t figure out is how you guys are manipulating and saving images in landscape view. How can you work within landscape view? Only thing I get it to do is view-only.

    Also, messed up my account a long time ago and won’t fix it, so I have to post this here.

    Thanks! There are some amazing artists on here.

  109. PapaKrok says:

    Tavish Strongwater is seeking eternal life by stealing and ingesting the brains of The Great Beast, Aleister Crowley. The Great Beast protected his corpse with a powerful e coli spell set to trigger when contacting digestive fluids in the human stomach. E Coli is very evil.

  110. Jeff Hebert says:

    Whit (142): You have to use the screen capture utility built into your browser. Go into landscape mode, and in Windows hit the PRINTSCREEN button on your keyboard (usually up in the F keys at the top on the right), or on a Mac hit Control-Command-Shift-3. Either way captures the entire screen to your clipboard for pasting into MS Paint or Photoshop or whatever image editor you like. From there you crop it and save it.

    I am also in charge of the UGO HeroMachine forums now, so send me ( whatever email address or account name you were having problems with on the forums and I’ll check it out.


    @spidercow2010(130) alright, i will try it both ways.

    my entry ( again for those with dial-up) : “the Lidsan twins were powerful witches in the 17th century, they raided towns and kidnapped people to preform “experiments”. the townspeople finally revolted and hung the wicked witches thinking they were free from their evil powers. in the early 1940′s these two rose up looking for revenge by slaughtering town after town. They still cause havoc all over the world to this day.”

  112. PapaKrok says:


    I was so fucused on finding the perfect whip in Heromachine’s right-hand-miscelaneous-items to finally complete “Dominatrix Nun Bot” that I didn’t even sense the presence of The Boss. An epic battle ensued yet he was not able to terminate PapaKrok…maybe next time Boss. Maybe next time.

  113. Somebody says:

    not winning material, but it kept me busy for an hour:

  114. Spagety says:
    This is Lucia. She is an evil genius-sorcerer masquerading as a fairy princess. And because she seems like the perfect damsel in distress, it’ll be too late when you realize she is sucking out your soul and enslaving you for the rest of eternity while she bends reality to her will.

  115. zaheelee says:

    She is a hunter, plain and simple. She always makes her kill. Don’t even try to hide, for she will find you. All you can do is run and hope you’re fast enough.


  116. Quark says:

    My first entry ever: Azure,the Shifty Woodsman:

  117. Troy Prine says:

    (The MegaGoober)
    And a third entry for me, the great Rooand. He comes from the Black Magic Tribe concept that I’m also working on. His story kind of goes like this:
    On the planet Crystalia, there lived three brothers. Two had great ambitions and sought to one day be the most powerful being in the galaxy. The one humble brother looked only to be left alone and do what was in his power to ensure justice to those who must be judged. All three entered into the Crystalian militia, and quickly became legends, unrivaled in battle and strategy. However, upon hearing the news that the current Judge King was sick and bedridden, the older and ambitious brothers began scheming a way for one of them to take his place. They did not fall into the royal family, but they made a seemingly foolproof plan to take the throne of their world. The younger, noble brother got wind of their plans, but they knew he would find out eventually, so they framed him while he was away on conquest. Upon his return, the Judge King ordered for his execution. Surprised and wary, he escaped his military captors and stumbled upon a prototype suit of armor which he donned for at least temporary protection. He successfully evaded the deluded masses and commandeered a vessel leaving for Earth.
    When the youngest brother was not heard of for much time, the eldest volunteered to hunt him down and bring him to ‘justice’. In the two brothers’ absence, the middle brother took control, aiding in the assassination of the Judge King and proclaiming himself Emperor of Crystalia. Some time afterwards, when the older brothers’ remains were discovered on a derelict ship making its way back to the home planet, the remaining evil brother decided to take things into his own hands. He donned the latest version of the armor his younger brother stole and made his way to Earth, where it was rumored that a true fighting team of light had been resurrected and was aiding his personally despised brother.

    And that the short of it.

  118. joel says:

    my final entry

    here’s a image from an anime idea I’m working on. it shows an battle between two insanely powerful martial artists: Death God (left) and Kage (right).

  119. LCLee says:

    This is my first time trying Hero Machine. Here’s my first Creation.


    my second entry:
    Allison Jay was an ordinary junior, she was popular and on an award winning cheer-leading until a week before school started when a demon would visit her in her sleep. This demon convinced her that he was God and that she needed to kill the unworthy. So one day she brought a knife to school and killed 4 other cheer-leaders, her best friend, her brother, 2 teachers and her boyfriend before disappearing with the demon. The demon said she was not worthy until she proved to him that she loved him so Allison slit her throat. Finally with her love, the two went to high schools and continued to posses and slaughter innocent high schoolers all over the world

  121. psychoplatapus says:

    sorry i messed up in my character bio (154). she was on an award winning cheer-leading team.
    sorry ^_^

  122. Troy Prine says:

    (The MegaGoober)
    Entry #4, Necrofear.
    A childhood friend of Steven Parano, a member of the Black Magic Tribe, Aron also lost his parents and little sister to a mafia organization secretly run by an escaped demon. This same demon, on his deathbed, offered Aron a chance to be reunited with him family in exchange for swapping souls with each other. The new ‘Demon King’, now controlled by the kind-hearted Aron, escaped and hid beneath the earth to tend to his wounds, while his body, possessed by a great evil, roamed the surface, causing destruction in his path. Although seen as a small-time threat to the Black Magic Tribe, and proven to be so, the demon’s potential had been reached, and after an embarrassing defeat at the five heroes’ hands, he drew back into the shadows to conspire anew. He studied the team closely, taking note of their weaknesses and what their previous lives were like, and then, he formulated a sinister outcome. Upon learning that Spark, or Steven Parano, was a childhood friend of the man whom he now embodied, the demon returned to the underworld to locate his old shell and strike a deal with Aron to reclaim his own body. Aron agreed, but not before being told some interesting bits of falsified information. He was told that the Black Magic Tribe was behind the deaths of his family, and forged evidence was placed by the demon to prove this. Aron took the deal, again switching souls with the true murderer of his sister and parents. Aron returned to the world of the living, his mind and soul twisted, the powers which the demon king had implanted into his body lingering long enough for him to hone. Aron – the new Necrofear – would become the largest danger that the Black Magic Tribe yet.

  123. watson bradshaw says:

    Entry 6

    One more before the end of 2010. I just wanted to do a traditional good old fashioned supercriminal hell bent on world domination.


  124. spidercow2010 says:

    I am getting my ass so very kicked in this one. Again.

  125. Anarchangel says:

    Entry #2

    The underworld’s most despicable and disturbing villain. The psychotic stalker…Creep.

  126. zaheelee says:

    hahahaha me too:)

  127. zaheelee says:

    that was a reply for spidercow2010

  128. Hitman: Ironically, he’s a righty not a lefty.(I messed up on the body proportions and just ran with it).

    Not that I expect to win, but I’m going to keep at it. 😉

  129. Haxxx says:

    All of those characters have been made or will be made as a “Necessary Evil” characters. The basic idea of the Necessary Evil RPG (for Savage Worlds) is that all the heroes have been killed and the only super-powered beings left are the villains.
    Most of those are a bit old and do not use the naming system, my apologies.

    First: Blight
    Master of rot and age, Blights unique powers were awakened when he tried to rejuvenate his elderly self. He used to use human test subjects (mostly the lowlifes of society) to test different cures for ageing. While trying a youth ray, Champion (this world’s version of Superman) interfered with the experiment and in the process zapped Blight with the youth ray. Now blight wonders the slums of star city, rotting and aging everything around him, seeking to gain back his mortal powerless self.

    Second: Bommber
    Jayson Ross was a brilliant chemistry student in the Star City University (the main higher learning institute in the setting) until the explosion happened. In one of the many scuffles between heroes and villains Dr.Destruction (Doom in this setting) was slammed into the lab cosing a great explosion tearing Jayson apart. A couple of minutes later Jayson reformed in the nearby park, charred and mad. Seen the beauty of the tamed nature around him Jayson became an environmental activist, cosing explosions and terrorist attacks in oil company headquarters and other capitalist anti-environmental organizations. His power is creating bombs and when they ran out…he EXPLODES!

    Third: Serpantus
    The dark emperor of snakes Adom Un-Barakat was called into existence in the mind of the writer George Erickson. After his wife died in a car accident George spun into deep depression, in this vulnerable state the hench-villainies Neurogirl entered his mind and broke open his furious imagination and released his hidden superpowers. Georges powers were to bring his writings to life. Though his creations usually disappeared after a couple of days Adom remained for a long time because he was the main character in Ericksons stories. After a few months Neurogirl got bored of her puppet and killed him however Adom remained and became a slave of Neurogirl. His power is to turn himself or parts of himself to a snake/snakes.

    Fourth: Skinner
    Born in the slums of Southpoint, Theodor Mathew Skinner was a bit “slow”. Knowing only the belt of his abusive dad Theodor grew timid and angry. When he was seven a gang-banger on Combat-Drugs (gives the user superpowers but also making him violent and unpredictable) burst their home and killed Skinnier senior. In his depression and loss Theodor cuddled his crushed and bloody father until social workers found him. For the next five years Theodor grew in an orphanage run and funded by Champion. The other kids picked and laughed at him, until he couldn’t bare it. One day he massacred all the kids in his class with a knife he stole from the kitchen, skinning them and making a Mosaic of their faces and some macaroni. The bloody room and him still holding the knife, peacefully pasting macaroni instead of children’s eyes and tacking the skin to the wall, prevented from tutors and policeman into the room. After he had finished he cleaned the room of all the blood, put the knife with the brushes of glue, ordered the chairs and exited the room. Five years after this event he was seen working for Willy the Fish (a gangster) as a goon supervisor and bodyguard. After the V’Sori (aliens that invaded the earth and killed all the superheroes) took-over Skinner became an Omega operative (super-villain Guerrilla resistance run by Dr.Destruction). Strong, loyal, childish and deadly, Skinner possesses great strength and the technical know-how of skinning and macaroni art.

    Fifth:Ratpack (yes again, but another version)
    Dr.Ivan Krica was a brilliant biologist that attempted to commune with animals. Starting with rats he tried to create a sort of serum that will allow people to talk to animals. He first tried it on himself however the serum has awakened a hidden part of himself, making him violent and scarring his face and body. In his new frightening demeanor he went home and killed his wife and called to him rats to eat her body. Then he retreated to the sewer with his rat minions. He was spotted battling super heroes and villainies alike who invaded his subterranean domain. Surprisingly he befriended the Human-Crock and other animal-human hybrids who took refuge in the dunk tunnels, creating the first super group “The Sub-Animalians”.

    Sixth: Swarm (again to but with a different design and a new bio. He is not bad but he is part of this campaign of villainy so his in)
    Mosi Utando lived in northern Mozambique and was a member of the resistance movement toward the end of the civil war. His parents were killed in a raid of the movement and one of the fighters adopted him. Returning to the village a few days after the raid to loot, Mosi’s “father”” wound him in a hip of bugs. Baby Mosi was giggling as the bugs crawled around him.
    After the war was over Mosi couldn’t find a stable job and wondered between different ones. Despite the hardship Mosi established a family, a loving wife, now pregnant with their first son. Life were good… until the invasions. First the Fins (a bipedal combination between sharks and crocodiles, twice as nasty and four times as tough), an invasion that forced Mosi to pick up arms and join the army. Then the V’Sori that destroyed the refuge camp Mosi and his wife called home. The bombardment riped his wife apart and the 8 months old baby in her womb tumbled out, just to be crushed under a V’Sori assault tank.
    After a couple of months of desperate fighting, Mosi and his unit stumbled upon the ruins of Zimbabwe, the capital of the ancient African empire. while scouting through the ruins Mosi found small clay insect. the clay bug crumbled in his hand and the dust danced in the wind before turning into a swarm of bugs that covered Mosi from head to toe. The swarm engulfed Mosi and infused with his skin. Now Mosi fights as Swarm, the deadly spirit of Africa, to free his homeland and avenge his family.

    I have several more but because the their bios will be long like Swarm here I’ll sumerize it in a couple of words:

    Dr Arachnid (Green Spider)
    Doc-Oc basicly

    Used to be an arm’s dealer, now an arm’s dealer with Dr.Manhattan powers.


    Fights Wonder Women equivalent, an ancient mecha base on the legend of Talos of Crete)

    Shade Taint (Gothchick)
    Taps into dark places when she is close to dieing and gaining abilities to rot objects, strike massive fear and look hot doing it (and yes, looking hot is a superpower, considering she has +6 and all the rest are at -4)

  130. DiCicatriz says:

    I had an idea a long time ago for an experimental mental asylum involving clandestine government organizations and gruesome experimentation on telepathic individuals (not terribly original) but I never did anything with it. I was inspired by this week’s theme to revisit some of those old ideas and made these guys as a result. They’re certainly evil. Hope you like them 🙂

    Preface: The asylum was a tightly guarded government secret in which ESP sensitive individuals were relocated and held without possibility of release. They remained at the mercy of callous scientists and sadistic guards, until the five most dangerous patients lashed out and sealed themselves in along with their former captors. Not a soul has since left the building, although the occasional person makes it in… none ever leave.

    1) Stupor

    A behemoth of a man, Stupor possesses a profound lack of higher reasoning, existing as an avaricious beast wholly concerned with bodily consumption. His brain broadcasts a form of telepathic static which affects any consciousness within his immediate vicinity. Exposure to the signal erodes the higher functions of a persons brain, turning them into slathering automatons. Prolonged exposure to Stupor renders his neighbors comatose, and eventually shuts down the brain completely resulting in death. These unfortunates are usually disposed of as consequential sacrifices to his unending appetite.

    2) Sever

    The most violent of the group, Sever was the only patient restricted to the maximum security ward of the asylum when it remained active. Sever possesses an aggressive form of telekinesis, which he usually expresses in sharp jagged waves of force. He was kept heavily sedated to counteract his tendency to disembowel anyone in his line of sight, but the occasional improper dosage led to the violent death of a few orderlies in his time at the asylum.

    3) Sick

    Kept alive by advanced medical technology, Sick has a unique telepathic ability which can hijack an individuals immune system. He was kept under close watch as a quick fix for various illnesses and disorders. However, researchers were never able to get past the disastrous side-effects of his abilities. As Sick repairs and heals the body, his abilities degrade the mental health of his subject. Minor fixes result in hallucinations and short term memory problems, with major sessions resulting in complete mental breakdown. He once healed himself from vivisection, costing him his own sanity.

    4) Sear

    A young woman with the ability of pyrokinesis. As a child she was fascinated by fire, lighting matches in hidden rooms and burning small objects. This affinity only intensified when she found she could ignite the air around her with only the power of her mind. She burned her house down at the age of eight, killing her entire family. A ward of the state, she was remanded to the asylum where her abilities were tested and measured. She initiated the takeover, at the behest of Sade, igniting the air within the lungs of her captors and releasing the others. Sear exists only to watch the world burn.

    5) Sade

    The culmination of decades long research, Sade was born within the walls of the asylum, genetically altered with tissue from various telepathic patients. His entire body serves as a conduit for his abilities. Each time his heart pumps, a wave of telepathic energy pulses into his environment manifesting itself as an intense feeling of fear. If his targets succumb to this fear, Sade’s abilities plant a telepathic virus deep in the recesses of their mind. As the virus incubates, Sade slowly overwrites the normal function of their nervous system. Once the infection is complete, Sade commands complete control of their nerve impulses. He can physically direct their body, cut off motor control completely, induce vivid hallucinations, implant subconscious suggestions, among other more horrifying actions. He has a penchant for spontaneously igniting pain receptors within the body, feeding on the agony it produces. His mind is the will behind the remaining four patients of the asylum, and he is content to remain sealed therein, luring stragglers to their deaths… for now.

  131. Troy Prine says:

    (The MegaGoober)
    One (final?) entry, #5 – Destructor
    Oh, and I forgot to give the name of my 3rd entry – he is called “Rooand”.
    Destructor was once a nameless wandering priest, traveling countries and continents, spreading the word of the gospel. After venturing to a remote village in Europe, he was pointed the way of a town in need of spiritual uplifting, and he took a worn road in the direction of the sunset. He hiked many miles of uninhabited land, nearly starving to death and collapsing in the barren wasteland. Believing god would guide him through, he pushed on and arrived at an abandoned temple. Inside was a shrine, which he used to pray, although he could note make out the strange symbols and writing etched on the stone and ornaments surrounding him. With the completion of his prayer, the sun reached noon and sent a ray of powerful light down upon him, bathing him in the essence of heaven. A voice, whom he assumed was the lord’s, spoke to him, saying to travel to the land of the free and keep watch over those who would be the world’s protectors. He obeyed, and used his acquired powers to ride the sunlight to America, where he would lie in wait for some unforseen event in which he should intervene. After many years, the voice spoke to him again, and with new instruction, he brought upon the downfall of Earth’s civilization.

  132. ajw says:

    Randall First guy is a creeper I personally don’t like the kid. Though the man’s shadow shows his true intentions.

    Lunar He can control the earth’s gravitational forces constantly holding entire country’s ransom threatening tsunamis and more.

  133. ajw says:

    I had one more but thought he was to racist unless he can go by swiss army blanket man on a horse in that case say yes, but he also has his burning “swiss” symbol the the back so he probably isn’t welcome.

  134. The Imp says:

    Papakrok (146): Awesome. 😀

  135. Vodnik says:

    This is the first character i am submitting. The story’s a bit lengthy, but i thinks it’s quite good. Here is the villainess,Lady Irina Jacova

    Lady Irina Jacova is a great, rich, and deformed villainous. She owns a winery in Moravia. To get the perfect bouquet for her wine, she uses the blood of rich, handsome men. However, Irina was not always so evil.
    She has had one terrible life, a life that resulted in her wickedness.

    In the Moravian Castle Of Starej Osle, Duke Johann Ubermench Van Schmetterling, deranged nephew of Olaf Gluggstracht, ruled over his peasants with utmost cruelty. One day, while walking amidst the fields of his country, Johann spotted the beautiful maiden Irina Jacova working in her family’s vinyard. He fell in love with her immediately. He needed to take her to his castle in order to marry her. Johann ordered his captain, Frulag Gulag, to dispose of Irina’s parents.

    Thereafter, Frulag Gulag knocked on Irina’s parents door. Irina’s father, Ivan opened the door. Frulag Gulag proceeded to lie, announcing that Ivsn and his wife won a trip to Rhodesia. He handed Ivan two tickets. Ivan had always wanted to go to Rhodesia. He got his wife to pack a suitcase and they both ran to the train station. However, neither of them knew that the tickets were one way. They were stuck in Rhodesia forever.

    That same day, Irina returned home to realize that her parents had left for some far off country without her. The next day, Frulag Gulag kidnapped Irina and brought her to Johann’s castle. He forced her to marry him. The first year if their marriage, Johann was fairly kind to her. Then he began to get nasty. Irina’s life grew unbearable.

    As the years passed, Johann grew bored with Irina. One day, Johann asked Irina to come up to his bedroom in the highest tower of the castle. When she got up there, Johann gently threw her right out of the window. However, she landed on a recently manured field which saved her from death. Johann was most displeased. He told his servants to bring her back up to his tower. This time he threw Irina out of a different window, one facing the road not the field. She again survived, though the flesh on her face and forearms were scraped off by the pavement of the road.

    Irina decided to play dead. She was carried off to be buried. Johann was excited that this second defenestration worked. He announced that the day was a holiday. Amidst the chaos of festivity, Irina escaped from the mortuary, her heart filled with anger.

    A week later, Irina sneaked back into the castle. She stabbed the guards outside Johann’s door. She entered Johann’s room and strangled him as he was sleeping.

    The next day the king was nowhere to be seen. Instead of spending the rest of the week searching for Johann, Frulag Gulag decided that the the duke must be dead. Gulag declared himself the new duke. All the servants and nobles supported this decision. In honor of himself, Gulag initiated a feast. Now, Gulag was a lover of Moravian wine. He ordered every vineyard in Starej Osle to send a representative with a bottle of wine to his feast. He would judge which wine was the best.

    The feast day came and so far none of the bottles of wine were good enough. Then, a beautiful maiden wearing a mask walked in holding a small bottle of wine. She poured a glass for Frulag which he sniffed. He sniffed again. He kept smelling the wine. He then smiled. “What a lovely Bouquet,” he said. He then took a sip of the wine. “Deeelicious! This is the best wine. You are the winner. Who do you work for?” He asked the woman.

    ‘”Myself” she answered.

    “Well, my dear, would you please take off your mask. I’d love to see the face of the maker of this wine,” Frulag continued.

    “I will take off my mask only if you send all these people out of the hall. Only you can see my face” responded the woman.

    Frulag Gulag sent all the subjects out of the room. He then turned to the maiden and said,
    “Dear, please take off your mask.”

    “Alright,” The woman answered. She turned around and took off her mask. Still with her back to Gulag, the woman said,
    “what do you like best about this wine?”

    Gulag answered,” Well, my dear, it’s the bouquet. It’s so delightfuly interesting. Its so strange so foreign. What, oh what gives it that beautful smell?”

    “Well, Gulag, it’s the blood of Johann Ubermench Van Schmetterling that gives it that jena se qua.” The woman turned around, revealing the deformed face of Irina Jacova.

    “Oh God!” Screamed Frulag as Irina pounced on him.

    In three months, the new duke of Starej Osle received a large cask of a special red wine. there was a note attatched with the words, “Chateau Le Frulag”

  136. sumantra says:


    Don’t let the -chan confuse you. Jin’s about as cute as disembowelment. If he doesn’t have a reason to kill you, he’ll make one; your dog shit on his lawn, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a dog. If he’s in good mood, he’ll let you go. Too bad he’s never in a good mood. Don’t worry, he’ll let you live for a few more days as he hunts for the bastards on the top of his blacklist. Once Earth’s population is dead, that’s when he’ll come for you. Providing you’re still alive.

  137. Vodnik says:

    This is the first character i am submitting. The story’s a bit lengthy, but i thinks it’s quite good. Here is the villainess,Lady Irina Jacova

    Lady Irina Jacova is a great, rich, and deformed villainous. She owns a winery in Moravia. To get the perfect bouquet for her wine, she uses the blood of rich, handsome men. However, Irina was not always so evil.
    She has had one terrible life, a life that resulted in her wickedness.

    In the Moravian Castle Of Starej Osle, Duke Johann Ubermench Van Schmetterling, deranged nephew of Olaf Gluggstracht, ruled over his peasants with utmost cruelty. One day, while walking amidst the fields of his country, Johann spotted the beautiful maiden Irina Jacova working in her family’s vinyard. He fell in love with her immediately. He needed to take her to his castle in order to marry her. Johann ordered his captain, Frulag Gulag, to dispose of Irina’s parents.

    Thereafter, Frulag Gulag knocked on Irina’s parents door. Irina’s father, Ivan opened the door. Frulag Gulag proceeded to lie, announcing that Ivsn and his wife won a trip to Rhodesia. He handed Ivan two tickets. Ivan had always wanted to go to Rhodesia. He got his wife to pack a suitcase and they both ran to the train station. However, neither of them knew that the tickets were one way. They were stuck in Rhodesia forever.

  138. Vodnik says:

    This is the first character i am submitting. The story’s a bit lengthy, but i thinks it’s quite good. Here is the villainess,Lady Irina Jacova

  139. Lime says:

    Countess Erzabet (Elizabeth) Bathory, said to have murdered up to 600 girls and young women in order to bathe in their blood and, in so doing, maintain her youth.

  140. savantguard says:
    My Character is Longinus, the God Slayer. Modeling himself after the soldier who pierced Christ’s side on the cross. He is a master assassin who prides himself on taking out the most powerful and influencial people around. Kings, Saints, politic figures, and especially superheroes will catch his eye. Anybody whose death will turn the tides of history. As Ivan Danko says “If you can make God Bleed, people will stop believing in him.”

  141. Garett says:

    This is Lyrdo. An evil Lizard from another planet

    And Iceist, an immortal warrior with the power to control Ice

  142. Phatchick says:

    @PapaKrok #39
    Win. Really stinky win.

  143. Gene says:

    Dr. Mindburn, one of the most powerful Telepaths in my Campaign world. Bent on world domination, and ultimate power over all minds.

  144. will54 says:

    Granted, it

  145. Anyone else having problems with “reversion”? I’m running Windows XP SP3 with Internet Explorer 8. I cleared my browser cache, even deleted miscellaneous Flash objects. I save frequently! When I select a new object, the whole thing “reverts” to a previous save, usually the very first one.

    I delete previously saved versions to get rid of the first. I know it’s a coding issue, but I’m so close to finishing a character when “wham!”, adding the last touch causes the whole thing to erase.

    Aside from deleting files, I don’t mask, color, or add patterns until the character is ready. Nor do I use programs other than MS Paint, which is only to capture the close-up. M’aidez, svp!

  146. Asder says:

    the best bad guy in movie history. Dr. Hannibal Lecter

  147. Monstero says:

    @Asder (184)
    So true.

    Also, nice Straitjacket.

  148. Monstero says:


  149. Dr. Menudo: Surgical prodigy and sadist

    Someone suggested to up my Flash Player Local Storage from 34kb. That might be what causes info loss and the “reversion” problem. Suggested upping it to 10MB, but I selected “Unlimited”. I’ll post my findings.

  150. VonMalcolm says:

    I have had these four upcoming entries on file for awhile. I may make something new tonight.

    Freezer Burn

  151. VonMalcolm says:

    Sydra Machine

    (Partial Nudity – you’ll have to be logged in to to see!)

    Sydra is from a series of Crime Family Novels I am working on.

  152. VonMalcolm says:

    Here is a little more fleshed out version of Sydra on my website:

    Don’t waste your time clicking on anything – only the link at the bottom of the page works.

  153. Sutter_Kaine says:

    1) Robot Gorilla Hitler’s Brain – Hitler’s brain floating in a preservative chemical compound, mounted on a gorilla’s body further enhanced by cybernetic modifications.

    2) Muerte – Mexican assassin who earned his nickname as much by cheating death as unleashing it. He has started operating north of the border, gaining the attention of several American superheroes in the process.

    3) Evil Mime – She’s evil, and she’s a mime.

    4) D.E.A.T.H. – A “living” doomsday weapon built during the Cold War, D.E.A.T.H. is a sentient antimatter construct contained within a magnetic force-field. The D.E.A.T.H. entity has been activated on two occasions, once by an artificial intelligence that wanted to use it to destroy all organic life, and once by a supervillain who made the mistake of thinking he could control it. Both times resulted in hundreds of deaths and required the combined efforts of over a dozen superheroes to return D.E.A.T.H. to cold storage.

    5) Satorius – During World War II, Johan Satorius was the protege of Dr. Emil Zargola, the Italian scientist in charge of the Nazi super-soldier program that produced some of the 20th century’s first superhumans, including the cybernetic strongman Kreiger, the speedster Blitz, and the infamous assassin known only as the Gestapo Ghost. Towards the end of the war, the Nazi’s managed to capture the mystery man known as the Masked American, who had been sent overseas to aid in the war effort. The Masked American was sent to Zargola’s laboratory at Doominger Castle where, aided by Satorius, the mad scientist performed painful experiments on him. The Masked American eventually escaped and set explosive charges that destroyed Doominger Castle, killed Zargola, and destroyed much of Zargola’s work in the process. It was assumed Satorius also died until the explosion until he turned up decades later as the cyborg leader of Reaper, a fascist organization seeking world domination through the use of advanced technology and superhuman agents. The core of Reaper’s membership is made up of genetically enhanced female clones created by Satorius himself, who continues his mentor’s goal of creating a race of perfect beings.

  154. UnknownBlackPaper says:

    Evil Flower: Consider Shakespeare and all the evil girls in high school that made your life a horror. “Look like an innocent flower, but be the serpent underneath.”

  155. VonMalcolm says:

    HeroMachine Community: I am contemplating sponsoring a contest; especially since I haven’t been truly participating in them lately! The prizes wouldn’t be anything major: 100$ or less in total. I don’t want to make any promises: I just want to put out feelers and find out what people think.

    *IF* this does happen: I would want to be ‘Sayer of the Law’ as well as Judge, Jury, and Executioner! I would also want to be able to put all of the entries on my website indefinitely.


  156. Gene says:

    Sheldon: You know, it’s amazing how many super villains have advanced degrees.

    Dr. Invincible. One of the greatest minds of his time, Dr. Invincible has but one goal – to rule the world. He has degrees in several sciences including genetics, robotics, engineering, and physics. The Doc recently lost his left hand to the hero Justice and has replaced it with a cybernetic prosthetic that can be changed out with other attachments as needed.

  157. Iflyte says:

    Name: Dr. Henson
    Origins: Human
    A crime lord whose intellect and charismatic ability could be considered supernatural and his manipulative powers are second to none. Even the strongest willed heroes will have trouble with is tongue and savvy wit. And the weak ones? Becoming a pawn is their best option.

    Name: Roxy Holt
    Origins: Random Mutant
    Ex-vigilante who was broken by Dr. Henson. She now serves as one of his “Rooks”.

    Name: Lightning Bender
    Origins: Random Mutant
    A mere “Pawn” in Dr. Henson’s syndicate. His powers only allow him to bend lightning, and having no way to generate electricity himself, makes him rather weak. But, during the right weather conditions, Lightning Bender, becomes a very strategic pawn in Dr. Henson’s plans.

    Name: Collateral Damage
    Origins: Robot
    The US Military’s latest prototype “stealth” H-bomb unit HSX-037. Having the ability to mingle with humans undetected and explode as a moments notice made it a very valuable tool. One that Dr. Henson now controls… least, that’s what Callateral’s AI wants everyone to believe.

    Name: Mtumwa
    Origins: Breed Mutant
    Is considered one of Dr. Henson’s “Bishops”. Though, they are more like business partners. Mtumwa is the leader of a tribe of mutants that has controlled the African underground for decades.

  158. Danny Beaty says:

    Here are my entries, they are members of a street gang called The Shotgun Zombies. All members of TSZ wear spooky make up and/or spooky masks to instill fear in their victims. Their weapon of choice is a sawed-off shotgun. Unlike most gang members, these kids come from rich famalies and formed a gang to feed their own sadistic appetites.







  159. Danny Beaty says:

    (#196)I meant to say “rich families”.

  160. The Black Knight: I’m surprised no one entered the grand-daddy of them all. Went for a Renaissance armor look.

    @VonMalcom (194): I’m game. Not quite sure about the “indefinite” post, though. Would it be simply the image on your website? Or would you, for example, use the character for a story that you’re selling or “fair use” / amateur writing?

    Myself, I save a lot of Character Contest entries to an archive. More because I am a packrat, but also to re-visit to learn some techniques. Never to plagiarize or steal.

    @kyle (196): I agree. Disney is the source of all evil.

  161. SpellCheckingQuill says:

    Three entries, just for grins… evil, creepy, villainous grins.

    First is a character I made from the Seventh Sanctum random name generator (right AFTER the Lord Random III contest, so it was never submitted). This is Crimson Haunt:

    The other two are a style I’m experimenting with (feedback?). This one is your general femme fatale, but I’m quite proud of her. It took a long time for me to be satisfied with how she came out. I call her Ilsa:

    And this one reflects my fear of mimes and acrobats (there’s also clowns and people in mascot costumes – I think they’re all related somehow). I don’t know if anyone else is creeped out by my weird phobias, but here’s what would scare me…

  162. Sutter_Kaine says:

    1) AGNON’MIR – Agnon’Mir is the father of Theron’Kai, the alien hero better known as Star Knight. He considers his son a traitor and has spent the last decade crossing the gulf of space to confront Star Knight on his adopted homeworld, Earth. Star Knight, who is one of the most powerful beings on the planet, has stated that his father is even more powerful than him. Bad news for Earth.

    2) DEVILISH – Devilish is the daughter of the Atlantic City-based crimelord known as the Jersey Devil. After her father decided to retire and go legit as the manager of the Dante’s Inferno nightclub (an occupation that previously served as a cover for his shadier activities), she chose to carry on the family business. She is also a founding member of the Sorority of Sin, an all-female criminal gang made up of the daughters of retired villians.

    3) LORD WRATH – Lord Wrath is a powerful super being who first showed up as the leader of the Four Horsemen, the infamous villian group credited with ushering in a violent new age. The Four Horsemen spread chaos on a massive scale until their ruthless exploits finally inspired the Masked American to come out of retirement and assemble a new team of heroes that would fight the Four Horsemen on their own terms. The Horsemen were eventually defeated, but Lord Wrath continues to reappear on a regular basis, sometimes working with other villians and sometimes alone.

    4) VULTURA – Vultura is a member of the X-Wives, a criminal group made up of the ex-wives of minor supervillians. Each of the X-Wives got their respective gear as part of a divorce settlement and used it to create criminal identities of their own. Vultura now owns the glider-wings and anti-gravity harness of her ex-husband, the Crimson Condor.

  163. Tyrin says:

    this is my first time doing this so sorry if i messed up

    Conjurer of Death

  164. spidercow2010 says:

    @Monstero (#186): You were right the first time; it’s spelled “straitjacket.” As in the Bering Strait, “strait” refers to a confined area or condition. See also “Dire Straits,” who brought us “Sultans of Swing” and “Money for Nothing.” A straightjacket, on the other hand, makes no more sense than a gayjacket. Although one will make you look more fabulous than the other.

  165. spidercow2010 says:

    re: VonMalcolm (#194) @all HeroMachinists: I find it disturbing and ominous that this particular CC of Eeeevil was chosen by VonMalcolm (and if that name does not conjure villainy, I don’t know what does) to perpetrate this “contest” wherein he is, and I quote, “‘Sayer of the Law’ as well as Judge, Jury, and Executioner.” He dangles money (which is the root of all what? Say it with me…) at us and solicits out acquiescence in his nefarious domination scheme involving the indeterminate internment of our artwork on his website. Well, I say Not So Fast, VonMalcolm (if that IS your name).
    Unless the money’s on the level, in which case let me be the first to welcome our new web overlord and benefactor.

  166. VonMalcolm says:

    Drat: My evil plan to take over the HeroMachine Community has been outed! I knew I should have used ‘FuzzyGerbil’ as my screen name!

    Truth be told I am in a Hella-Writer’s Block so I am launching a bunch of websites strictly to break up the monotony: write one day and code the next (I am bright green on the coding thing). I am looking for content and I thought this would be a cool way to get it: You ‘HeroMakers’ have a lot of good ideas and I thought something like this might give you a little more exposure. Plus, as a fellow HeroMaker, I know the work you put into your creations.

    All I would want is the right to post the images and the background stories (losers & winners): I wouldn’t want any rights to your characters and/or stories beyond that -though perhaps someday we could work something out if something somehow catches fire.

    I have been thinking about this project for awhile, but the whole ‘legal thing’ was turning me off: especially since three parties would be involved: VonMalcolm’s Enron Petroleum Incorporated, UGO/HeroMachine, & the HeroMakers. More than anything I thought designing a contest would be a fun thing to do -Why should Jeff have all of the fun!: It’s either do this or go to the casino -and the casino would be much more expensive!

  167. VonMalcolm says:

    As for why I chose this contest to present my ‘Devil’s Proposal’? I waited for a contest that was generating the most comments/entries -and I find it very ‘disturbing and ominous’ that this contest of evil happens to be one of the most active contests yet! So look inside your own dark heart spider2010, creator of ‘Lord Egrejius’ and ‘Mr. Science’ (two of my favs so far), before you accuse me of spinning some sinister web!

  168. VonMalcolm says:

    spider2010 = spidercow2010. . . sorry, it’s getting late!

  169. Myro says:

    I’ve been trying to work on a four horsemen entry, but it’s been pretty slow going, I don’t think it’s going to make it into this contest. Which is too bad, and yet liberating. I now no longer need to kill myself trying to get this thing put together, and can do so on my own time. And when Jeff comes around to making a similarly themed contest (or one where the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would be relevant), I will have my entry ready. I hope.

    VonMalcolm (194): Your proposal intrigues me, but I need to hear more.

  170. TheRandomHERO says:

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are supernatural beings that spread chaos and destruction wherever they tread. The monsters are foul, demonic beings consumed by anger and hate and who derive a perverse feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment from the sorrow, destruction and death that they cause. Other than these dark emotions, they share few traits with human beings. The Apocalypse demons are only truly happy when all around them are suffering and dying. The key word in that precious sentence is “all.” It is important to understand that the Apocalypse demons are not invaders trying to conquer new lands or to enslave people, but that they crave total destruction of all life, including animals, insects and plants!

    The Horsemen are actually four separate manifestations of one destructive force, roughly similar to a splintered entity. Each of the four is formidable in its own right and possesses incredible supernatural and magic powers. However, as deadly as each individual may be, they become unimaginably powerful when the four merge back into one unstoppable, primordial force.

    Death is the least outwardly combative and murderous of the four Horsemen. He is cold, quiet, confident and calculating. He moves slowly and gracefully, which makes him seem all the more frightening. He is also terrifying in his relentless resolve; ever in motion, always moving toward some new terror or act of destruction. All around him is carnage, with War, Famine and Pestilence at his side or following in his footsteps.

    The monster known as Famine looks like a skeleton with a withered, malnourished body, pale complexion, swept back ram’s horns, and a malicious expression. He is sinister, cunning and treacherous, using sneaky tactics to hurt and injure others. He is obsessed with the destruction of all life forms and delights in the suffering and destruction inflicted by his hand. Unlike most of the others, Famine frequently strikes quietly from the shadows or at a distance. If he is careful, his control over the weather and power to spoil food are often mistaken as natural disasters. He also likes to instigate trouble by manipulation others, such as destroying one village’s food supply and then somehow letting them know that a neighboring village has plenty, but won’t share. These kind of tactics can lead to theft, vandalism and war which means more suffering and death. Famine loves these games.

    Pestilence, like all of the Apocalypse demons, is obsessed with the destruction of all lifeforms, including the insects which he commands. The monster is clever and resourceful, using both subterfuge and the direct approach in his dealings with intelligent creatures. He finds it especially gratifying to inflict suffering and death by disease, sickness and starvation.

    This Apocalypse demon is the most aggressive and combat oriented of the four. War is an incredibly powerful and capable warrior, strategist and tactician. He also has the ability to evoke anger, hatred and lust for power or vengeance in others through his words. War can make the participants in a dispute see red and quickly turn to violence, agitating mobs to loot, vandalize and murder. This ability is as much a part of the demon’s arsenal as any of his weapons or supernatural powers.
    War is a merciless and cold-blooded killer who thrives on combat and bloodletting. The demon is not interested in fair play or challenge, so he will fight dirty, cheat, lie and do anything to eliminate a foe. Furthermore, the monster murders young and old, male and female, the sick, sleeping and helpless, without hesitation or regret.

  171. borntobealoser says:

    Hoping I entered this in time:


    An invincible demon that wreaked havoc in an age long ago. It wasn’t possible to destroy him, so he was sealed away deep inside a maze-like dimension, bound by chains infused with strong magic. They hoped that time would erode him. But Typhus is still very much alive, biding his time, knowing that his freedom will arrive one day.

  172. Sutter_Kaine says:

    THIS IS A TEST. I’ve submitted nine characters/two posts and both posts are missing. This is a test to see if this post disappears too.

  173. Jeff Hebert says:

    Sutter Kaine, they were in the pending queue. You should get a line of text after submitting a comment that is being held saying that’s what’s happening. It sits there till I go in and manually approve it. WordPress automates that, I don’t have any control over what gets held for moderation and what doesn’t. They’re up now though.

  174. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Jeff – Yeah, I saw the waiting for moderation message when I posted them, but when I went in this morning to take a look, the posts were gone completely, then of course reappeared after I posted the test message.

  175. VonMalcolm says:

    The Dog Of War (Finally a New One!)

    -Rushed a bit: probably needs a touch up.

  176. FelipeSCard says:

    Night Dragon & Lion Stalker

    Two knights of rival fraternities, which unite to defeat the heroes who threaten the Supreme Lich Lord of the Kingdom of Aresmeth, who plans to resurrect his army of undead, bringing chaos and destruction to all who stand in his way.

  177. joel says:

    to spellcheckingquill:

    YES! THANK YOU! clowns and ball game mascots freak me out as well. I am SO glad that someone shares my fear. honestly, i have never gotten why clowns are supposed to be funny.

  178. joel says:

    seriously, who’s bright idea was it to hire a grown man with unrecognizable facial features who likes to hang around small children, cause he’s supposed to be funny.

  179. PapaKrok says:

    “That is not dead which can eternal lie
    And with strange aeons even death may die.” – “The Call of Cthulhu”

  180. PapaKrok says:

    Nazis and Sith. Fighting. Evil on evil equals very evil, or less evil….wait a minute…

  181. Badgerking says:

    ok i fixed it

    NAME: Caedis,king of madness.
    BIO: The king of madness, forged in hellfire and bathed in blood…


  182. Rapthama says:

    Snow Blake is one of the three legendary Pirate Sisters. She’s one of the oldest of the three. She was the captain of Black Mary.
    The rumors say that the Blake’s family has been cursed for 100 years and half of the family will turn into an undead somewhere at the age of 24. She was killed on her birthday (24), but came back from the dead. Her body is cold as a winter and her eyes are red as blood. From there, she obtained her current name : Snow Blake.She was known by her swordsmanship also.

    Sidaar Blake is yet another one of the three legendary Pirate Sisters. She is the middle sister, who was also cursed at the age of 24. It’s still a mystery, why she dosen’t have a noun as her first name. She is master in strategic attacks and one of her most prized possessions, her sword “Tidal Wave”. The sword looks normal, but is infused by elven powers, which give the sword control over water. She is devious, cunning and seducive which makes her a deadly enemy at close range.

    Kunai Blake is one of the three legendary Pirate Sisters. She is the youngest of the three and whats more intriguing, is that she is 26 year old, but hasbn’t been affected by the curse. She is one of the very few among her family who haven’t been cursed. She reffers herself as a “specialist” for the mastered use with kunais.