Merry Christmas from the Batman!

Courtesy of Brian Hughes at "Again With the Comics", I present Patton Oswalt's take on a very special Batman Christmas story to get you in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas!

Written by: Patton Oswalt
Drawn by: Bob Fingerman
Story scanned from Bizarro World collection, ©2005, DC Comics.

7 Responses to Merry Christmas from the Batman!

  1. Thats hilarious…I realized what it was doing about the time Robin laid an egg.

  2. It took me until the wheel fell off. That was great!

  3. 😀

    And for those of you who like zombies, Bob Fingerman’s got an awesome zombie novel out called ‘Pariah’.

  4. the ending i preferred was “joker takes ballet”, but i recall this one too

  5. I read it a few times, good comic, by the way, I noticed that Robin mentions The Joker is on “Schumacher”. Schumacher is the director of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Now, I’m reading the entire thing again, to see if I missed any other tidbits.

  6. Y’know, it’s never occurred to me until now that, yes, everything in the Batcave would be encrusted with guano.

  7. Anybody know what significance, if any, there is to Debenham & Bleese? The ‘net has a Debenham’s that sells Batman paraphernalia, but that’s all I can dig up without actual, y’know, work.