Caption Contest 86

Because I want to be sure everyone has time to work on their Friday Night Fight entries (reminder, they're due by this Friday! That's THIS FRIDAY!), I'm going to do a second Caption Contest week in a row. Now you've got no excuse for not entering FNF2!

This week's a bit different, though. Usually there's a pre-existing dialog balloon that I erase, leaving it to you to complete. This week, though, I wanted to go with a balloon-less image that you can add dialog to however you like, so you have a bit more freedom. And for our subject, what better than Ultimate Wolverine and Hulk duking it out? Or checking each other's teeth for broccoli stains, whichever. Here's your base image:

Be sure to indicate in your entry who's saying what. So for instance, you might submit something like:

Wolverine: Your breath stinks!
Hulk: Are you sure?! Take a REAL good whiff!

You can have one character saying something, or both, or neither, choosing instead for one of those bottom-line commentary captions you sometimes see on the funny pages. Like:

Commentary: And that was the last time Bruce Banner asked Logan for help picking meat out of his teeth.

Otherwise, the rules are simple -- as many entries as you like (within the bounds of good personal editing), appropriate for no worse than a late-night broadcast TV show, by next Monday. The winner receives their choice of a) any item they like to be included in HeroMachine 3; b) any portrait they like to be included in HM3; or c) any subject (within reason) for a Sketch of the Day style custom black and white drawing.

Good luck everyone!

(Hulk, Wolverine, this specific image, the term "super-hero", and any ideas you have ever had or might have in the future, along with the contents of your sock drawer, are all © Marvel Comics.)