RP: More wrongity wrong wrong

(From "More Fun Comics" number 11, 1936.)

11 Responses to RP: More wrongity wrong wrong

  1. Eeeew child prostitution is nasty!!!

  2. Jeff, what is it with some of the RDPs lately? I mean, not long ago we bas some 12 year old girl calling an adult “lover-man” and wanted to bring him into the parlor with her, and now we have a girl that couldn’t be older than 8 turning tricks. Ewwww, the ick! It won’t come off!

  3. On top of that the police chief is propositioning her. What the hell!?

  4. Its official….We are all perverts.

  5. Oh my dear, sweet Jesus… this might be the most wrong thing I’ve ever seen. Definitely in my top 5.

  6. Don’t forget, 1936 was the height of the Great Depression, she’s just malnourished! She’s probably in her twenties!

  7. please mean something else! please mean something else!

  8. I’m with Loki….honestly can’t tell when “turn a trick” meant anything else….

  9. Well, it does mean something else. “Turn the trick” in this context would mean that she did something vital to a police operation, presumably a sting.

  10. Wait, so they used a child as bait in a police sting?! That’s almost as bad.

  11. Especially if it’s a child prostitution investigation. I’m sorry, but that’s just the direction my mind is going right now.