RP: Curvoscope > Hubble every day of the week

(From "Captain Battle" number 2, 1941.)

8 Responses to RP: Curvoscope > Hubble every day of the week

  1. Why does he have an eye-patch now?

  2. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    There was a “Red X of Doom” here as well for a while but the image is now populating fine.

  3. I wonder if I could get a curvoscope at amazon.

  4. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Only if you have one of the high-end Kindles!

  5. He probably went blind in the eye that was glued to the curvoscope, Gero. That’s what happens when you aim it at the campus sorority houses instead of actually watching for crime.

  6. “If I’m lucky, I’ll get a great view of Venus’ two moons.”

    -Peeping Tommy, Midnight Madness

  7. So, Captain Jackass, or whatever, wears his eyepatch while he’s in his scientist persona as well? Doesn’t he know anything? Eyewear makes all the difference in the world. No wonder he hasn’t been around for over sixty years. All his enemies found out who he is and somebody killed him.

  8. “Cap, I’ve just invented the Jose Cuervoscope!”