RP: Dick Powers? Seriously?

(From "Silver Streak" number 3, 1940.)

8 Responses to RP: Dick Powers? Seriously?

  1. Boy, this is just too brazen to even pounce on, isn’t it? Here’s a nice, safe one I just thought up:

    “Dick Powers? Wasn’t he the guy that the Russians shot down in the U-2?”

    See? No reason to be scared. Joke away!

  2. No, no. That Powers guy is just a dick.

    And thus ends today’s lesson in the value of differentiation between upper and lower case letters.

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Nope, that was Gary Francis Powers…
    and the type of “Dick” he’s likely referring to is a “Detective”!

  4. Could be worse. He could be named Richard Rider.

  5. I have dick powers. My kryptonite is a photo of Bea Arthur nekkid. 🙂

  6. Wow! Dick powers before the invention of the little blue pill.

  7. @WIlliam:
    I know that; I was JOKING!

    just like here:
    “By the power of Dickskull!”
    “Strange visitor from another planet, endowed with powers beyond those of mortal Dicks…”

    Is that obvious enough?

  8. He’s also up ahead with the boys. Never forget the boys.