RP: Then kiss me, you wicked savage!

(From “Captain Flight” number 2, 1944.)

About Jeff Hebert

Jeff is a 45 year old city boy who has somehow found himself located in Colorado, fulfilling his lifetime dream of making a living drawing super-heroes all day.

5 Responses to RP: Then kiss me, you wicked savage!

  1. I can see both his hands and I don’t see a gun. What are you talking about…..

  2. Oh, that’s not a gun in my pocket…

  3. bookaddict1978

    So That’s why they call you Dick!

  4. Me, Myself & I

    The gun looks like it was knocked loose from the guys grip on the left hand side of the panel. Its camoflaged as a third leg for blue uniform man.

  5. Right you are. The Polka-Dot Avenger likes what he sees.