RP: Invisible indeed

(Image and characters © Marvel Comics.)

7 Responses to RP: Invisible indeed

  1. I don’t think “morale” was the word he was thinking of.

  2. These kinds of scenes make me wish for a “Mad Men” style series about the comic book creators of the 1960s. All the sexism, none of the fashion.

  3. “Now why don’t you go make some lunch for us, darling”

  4. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Another classic case of trying to be appreciative of women…but not really knowing how. It’s like the way Ian Fleming wrote black people.

  5. Yeah… ugh. BUT James Freakin’ Bond would know what to say to Sue just then. (bonk-chika-wah-wah…)

  6. “Gee, thanks Reed”
    “Shut up Sue”

  7. Nothing like some good old fashion sexism to put superheroines in their place. Thanks, Marvel.