RP: Hitler's little known Transvestitkorps

(From "Our Flag Comics" number 3, 1941.)

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  1. lol this i find to be very fun. @jeff btw i love that you used the vampirate in HM3 make me feel like i had somthing to do with the making of it .being that the vampirate was a prize of mine from a while back

  2. Glad you don’t mind having it in there coyote, thanks for being willing to share!

  3. jeff mind? i love it and hey you drew it . as i see it i dont own it you do

  4. Just like Ehud Barak in that operation.

  5. “Danke, for your report, Frau Doubtfire. The Fuhrer will be pleased.”

  6. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    It never ceases to amaze me the stereotypes and racism that were rampant in comic books in this era.