RP: Wait long enough and they die. Problem solved!

(From "Lightning Comics" Number 3, from I would guess 1941 or so.)

10 Responses to RP: Wait long enough and they die. Problem solved!

  1. Owl_Poop says:

    Soylent Black is peeeopllle..!!

  2. Nick Hentschel says:

    The GOP health care plan….

  3. kingmonkey says:

    The Black Plague? The one that ran rampant in the 1300s? Thank goodness for thoroughness, I guess, but I can’t help but wish they hadn’t taken 600-odd years to cure the damned thing.

  4. Oquies says:

    Actually the black plague is easily cured now by antibiotics.

  5. kingmonkey says:

    And it took this long to figure it out? Someone must have been milking the research grants for all they were worth. Thanks, Big Pharma!

  6. Benevalence… Queen… Highlander

    o/~ Who wants to live forever…

    Not to make it personal, but my mom is not-so-well. My family is of hardy stock (no measles, no flu vaccines, the exception of a cocktail swig of aspirin and Salk).

    I appreciate the punch and sarodonic humor. Don’t mean to “rain on your Wheaties.” This is a serious and sad time for my family. It happens to everyone.

    “Wait long enough and”… I wished for that day, when I hated my parents. Now I don’t want it to be tomorrow.

  7. spidercow2010 says:

    I sincerely hope your mom pulls through, Atomic Punk, I do. Under the circumstances I hesitate to make this response, but since you released the Kraken first, I’m going to give my honest reaction:
    Holy crap, dude, is this really the forum for this? I have no wish to minimize your quite understandable distress or seem unsympathetic, but it would never occur to me to bring my powerful emotionally-charged crises to the Heromachine Random Panel page. For someone who doesn’t want to make it personal or rain on anybody’s Wheaties, you sure dropped a multi-megaton load of rain-soaked personal Wheaties on a site devoted to drawings of superheroes.
    That said, are you okay? Do you have someone to talk to about this? And I apologize for calling you Dude if in fact you’re a girl.

  8. X-stacy says:

    That sucks, Atomic Punk. If it’s something she can recover from, I hope she does, and quickly.

  9. @All: I really apologize for that, just really stressed out. The situtation has permeated almost every aspect of my life. Trust me, it makes work that much more interesting, as part of my job is solving other people’s problems.

    @spidercow & X-stacy: you’re right, HM isn’t the right forum to vent.

    Again, sorry about that. I appreciate the condolences. This place is about the merriment and mirth. And the comraderie.

  10. Prevert says:

    I Hope your mom will be okay, TAP!