Best cosplay outfit ever

I don't know why I haven't ever seen another Comet the Super-Horse costume at comics conventions, because this rocks:

Can "Streaky the super-cat" be far behind? Possibly not, as the number of "You have the nicest [alternate word for cat] I've seen yet!" jokes from socially awkward attendees would be astronomical.

5 Responses to Best cosplay outfit ever

  1. As a cat owner (assuming any animal as independent as a cat can be owned), I hope there will be no Streaky the Super cats at comic cons because all the noise of the convention would scare the cats, and cats don’t want to be dressed-up. If people want to put costumes on toy cats that would be fine, but please leave the real cats at home.

  2. Krypto! Krypto! Krypto!
    (Hey, waitaminnit..! Izzat Supergirl hiding behind Comet?)
    Peek-a-boo! I see your super-boooots!

  3. “Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane,no it’s … EEWWW! THAT’S NASTY!!!”

  4. Betcha the horse is thinking, “Jeez, teh things I hafta doo teh pleez da hoomins!”

  5. Avatar metalhead666

    lol it even comes with its own midgit for the horse races