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  1. Matthew " KING" Kresz says:

    So how do we do this, using HEromachine? Also how do you post your characters on the Post?

  2. Matthew " KING" Kresz says:

    How do we post a Character on the Post?

  3. Matthew \" KING\" Kresz says:

    How do you do an RP Corner ((NEWB TO THE SITE?))

  4. Matthew \\\" KING\\\" Kresz says:

    Name: Reuck
    Class: Hunter/Ranger
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Place of birth: Unknown
    Height/ Weight: 6’2/ 200

    Desciption: Likes to drink, Kinda of a sly guy. Has a pet dog named Reony, a big pitbull. He is a sly guy who likes to get inot fights with people and is a contstant customer of Catiana. He is looking to join a group to go resuce the Princess.

  5. Hammerknight says:

    @Matthew good job. Hopefully some more people join in and make some characters. Then we can see where it takes us.

  6. Name: Ethan Renforte
    Class: Swordsman
    Age: 52
    Place of birth: Doransk, a village on the outer edge of the Kingdom
    Height / Weight: 6’1″, 190 lbs

    Born a peasant, Ethan was made a squire at age six. He served Sir Balen well but could never master the horse. So it was that Ethan became a foot soldier. A veteran of many campaigns, he never rose in rank because of his social status.

    Though he never fought for the King alongside Gunter, Ethan knew of the Badlands Trading Post and Cantina. He is long in the tooth, still stalwart and true. He is well-versed in chivalry, etiquette, and speaks and reads several languages. His preferred weapon is the hand-and-a-half bastard sword.

    Ethan is fiercely loyal but his martial attitude could rub the freer spirits and rogues a little. He will defer to whoever emerges as the leader, if he loses his bid to command. Given the choice, he will try rescue the King first.

    If the King’s death is assured, then the Princess. Not that he does not love all the Royal family and wants nothing less than for their safe return. True Royal Blood above all for the sake of the Kingdom.

  7. Hammerknight says:

    @Atomic, Great job.

  8. @Hammerknight: Thank you, but we still need four to join our quest!

  9. Quasi says:

    Name: Vincenzo Cybele
    Class: Rouge/Assassin
    Age: Unknown
    Place of Birth: Unknown Gypsy Colony
    Height/Weight: 6’0″, 198.5 lbs.

    Vincenzo was born in a Gypsy colony. His mother had died during the birthing process, and the father had left as soon as he had impregnated the mother. Having nowhere to turn, Vincenzo was taken in by a girl named Angelina (who is around Vincenzo’s age)and her family who was part of the same Gypsy colony. Vincenzo and Angelina had grown up together and became very close friends, until they started to drift away from eachother. As Angelina studied in Precognition, Spellbinding, and Potion Making, Vincenzo had studied in stealth, blades, and strategy. One day, Vincenzo had been practicing his daggermoves outside the colony, and Angelina was out gathering herbs needed to make a potion. while they were away, The Badlanders had ransacked and killed all of the colony. Vincenzo and Angelina were the only survivors. Swearing Vengeance on the Badlanders, Vincenzo set out without giving Angelina the chance to talk some sense into him. They were separated ever since that day.

    Vincenzo has been traveling across the land in search of the Badlands Man-in-power. Vincenzo didn’t know who this person was, but he knew that he would find him and kill him for what this person’s people had done to the only people Vincenzo ever loved.

    Vincenzo had come across a trading post and decided that he would walk in. Gunter greets Vincenzo with a friendly smile, but after all these bitter years, Vincenzo had forgotten how to smile, so he just orders a drink. He looks towards the back tables and spots a beautiful woman doing psychic readings. Gunter starts to boast about how that is his wife, but Vincenzo is unaware that this woman is actually Angelina.

    This is when the CBN delivers it’s message. When it informs that they are headed towards the Badlands, Vincenzo finds this to be a perfect opportunity to quench his thirst for revenge.

  10. Hammerknight says:

    @Quasi great job. I love how you tied into the story line.

  11. Me, Myself & I says:

    Name: Drake Tanner

    Race: Human

    Class: Warmage Savant

    Age: 32

    Place of birth: Doransk

    Physical Appearance:
    Drake has long slightly wavy jet black sable hair which is sometimes kept tied in a ponytail with an ornamental hairpiece. Drake’s eyes are a bright cool emerald color and often stare into the distance even when he is talking to someone up close. He is of average height (5’10”) with an muscular, athletic (190 lb.) frame and but not bulky. While he doesn’t necessarily turn every woman’s head in the room Drake is a handsome person even though he barely seems to realize it.

    Garb & Accouterments:
    Drake is usually garbed in his military uniform. While armor on a mage is unusual it is not unheard of. Drake received training with leather and chain armors while he was still in the city watch. Anything heavier would impede his magic use though, so he now sticks to long leathers. The armor he wears is rather fancy for a soldier and is dyed black with gray highlights and embroidery. Over top of his armor Drake wears a loose garment that is reminiscent of traditional wizards robes but modified to facilitate freedom of movement. The robe is green and white to match the colors of the King’s Army he is now a part of. In addition Drake often wears a cloak, especially when traveling. Of course there are always numerous pouches about his waste containing assortments of spell components that almost always give off a slightly spicy scent.

    Weapons & Gear:
    Of course his magic is Drake’s primary weapon. The staff Drake carries is unlike the stereotypical mage staff in that it resembles a spear as much as a magical staff. Nobody would mistake is as ordinary for sure but its potential use as a weapon of war is obvious.

    There are times however when other, more mundane, tools of the trade are needed. For these times, Drake carries a stout short bow with quiver and a large dagger.

    The most unusual thing about Drake’s appearance isn’t so much what he looks like as it is his expressions. Very rarely does Drake show much emotion. When speaking with others he tends to bypass the small talk and get strait to the subject at hand. Almost as if he doesn’t have time to spend on trivial matters; this is often easily be misconstrued as aloofness or conceit.

    Most people think of Drake as cold and emotionless because he does not show emotions the same way as other people or react to their emotional displays. The truth of the matter is that he has great difficulty interpreting peoples emotions. He has always had an aptitude for logic and level headed thinking but never been able to anticipate how people were feeling by the inflections in their voice or their body language. Likewise, he does not show his emotions often and many people have difficulty interpreting how he is feeling. It is not because he doesn’t feel the same things; he just can’t express them easily.

    Since as early as he can remember. Drake has always had one true calling, which was and interest in the study of magic. The only problem was that Drake’s was from a poor family that sustained itself mostly by farming and hunting and they could not afford to pay for an education.

    Eventually Drake fell into a career as a guard in the nearby city watch in order to pay the bills. Over time, became known as a fairly effective enforcer of the peace. His reputation began to grow, not because of any extraordinary martial prowess, but because he proved to be very shrewd and an accomplished tactician. It was not long before Drake was planning raids on the thieves guilds and the like.

    Naturally when it was announced that the king had sponsored the creation of a new company of soldiers trained in magic to function as an artillery battery; Drake was first in line to sign up. Of course most applicants never made it through the aptitude tests to see if they were even capable of wielding magic. It was during these tests that Drake finally began to really shine as he scored higher than any other applicant; including those that had already had formal magical training. It wasn’t long before his superiors noted that he had actual combat experience and strong tactical aptitudes as well and they began to train Drake as an officer.

    When the kingdom was attacked Drake and his patrol were away on training maneuvers and with a couple footman patrols. They had been recalled to late and had fought her way back through enemy lines back to the city but not before the horde attacked and took the castle. Realizing that they were to late they decided to regroup at the nearest loyal stronghold, the king’s brother Castillo. Once within Castillo’s keep the three patrols finally let down their guard and it proved to be a mistake as they learned that part of the reason the Orc and Troll army had gained so much success in such a short time was that the kings brother had betrayed the kingdom and supported the hoard.

    Only two half of Drake’s men made it out; the rest had been killed or captured. Still, this was better than the other two patrols of which only one man, named Argus, made it out accompanying Drake’s patrol. It was obvious that the other defenders of the kingdom needed to know what was going on and Drake had few options left other than splitting his patrol and sending smaller groups as messengers to the last known defenders of the kingdom. He made sure to give them orders to not engage in hostilities if possible as they, and what information they new, was useless if they were dead. Drake set out with Argus to a place called the ‘Badlands Trading Post and Cantina’ where Argus was certain they could silicate help from his Uncle Gunter and his contacts.

  12. Hammerknight says:

    @Me, good job, i like the how far you went into detail.

  13. Reuck the Hunter, Vincenzo the Gypsy, Drake the Warmage, and Ethan the Veteran. A fine compliment, but it might not be enough to save the Royal Family and the Kingdom.

    Ethan rises from his chair and holds his beer stein high in the air:

    “Will two more brave souls not join us? This is a dark day for our Kingdom. I pushed those Badland dogs all the way to the edge of the World many times before. They have forgotten their place. Let us remind them!”

  14. Me, Myself & I says:

    I’m glad you like it. I was beginning to think that it might be getting to be to much. There’s more detail where that came from if you want it.