Poll Position: Wolverine Vs…

I'm going low-brow today with a favorite fanboi fantasy:


Let's don our Thinking Caps as we puff on the Pipe of Profundity as we contemplate this Great Philosophical Mystery. And yes, I know some of these have been done before, but let's not let reality get in the way of our fevered imaginations.

This Hulk worst haircut EVER! Die, little man!

  • Superman: I know this would be popular, and I further know that regular-human Batman has pulled this off successfully a number of times, but come on. Superman would eat his lunch.
  • Batman: I love the idea of unmatched fury and savagery of Wolverine versus the intense discipline and martial artistry of Batman.
  • Predator: The ultimate hunter versus what might be the ultimate prey. Very cool.
  • Xenomorphs: I'd watch this movie. Screw "Aliens vs. Predator", I want to see adamantium claws slicing through some aliens, baby!
  • Martian Manhunter: I like putting MM in these polls because frankly, he's Superman without being as scary for some reason. However, since all Logan would have to do would be to light J'Onn on fire with is cigar, this might not be the best matchup.
  • Spawn: I'm not a big Spawn fan, but I would like to see those chains get sliced in half. They bug me.
  • Venom: Again, not a huge Venom fan. But he's evil so I wouldn't mind seeing Wolverine get rid of him once and for all.
  • Wonder Woman: This would be worth it purely for watching her deflect those claws with her magic bracelets. I wonder which metal would win?

I think the Batman matchup would be the most interesting from an actual storytelling standpoint, but I'd also be keen to read a comic or watch a movie with Logan having to battle through hordes of xenomorphs.

Which would you pick?