Caption Contest 76: WHUK!

Come up with the best replacement dialog for this classic "Uncanny X-Men" panel and you'll win your choice of either your own portrait, or any item you choose, to be included in HeroMachine 3's final release!

We're going to open it up this week, removing the entry limit -- as many good lines as you can come up with, throw 'em out there. Just leave yours in the comments to this post before next Monday and you're good to go.

Good luck everyone!

108 Responses to Caption Contest 76: WHUK!

  1. Avatar Pyrate Hyena

    I’m as fast as Sonic! HOORAY!

  2. hey bub i said Fastball not grounder

  3. 1)I’m the best at what I do….and what I do is sandcastles

    2)You see Emril…he go BAM!!!!….I go WHUK!!!!!

    3)Hulk Smash….wait that’s not my line is it?

    4)Take that Pinnoccio

    5)You ruined my suit….I just had this dry cleaned

  4. 1) Wolverine Slice!
    2) Look Bub, I know the spandex look sucks, but it’s my look. You ruin my look, I ruin you!
    3) Damn fighting off the fashion police has gotten tough.
    4) Hey Cyclops, think fast!

  5. 1. I SAID I wanted the BARBIE FERRARI!

  6. 1)I know there’s a pony under here somewhere.

    2)Here’s what you get for wearing fur Bub!

  7. 2. This is how we do pinatas in Canada.

  8. Avatar DiCicatriz

    1) Late night taco bell… never again!
    2) This cake is a disaster!
    3) Time to put matching holes in all of my other outfits…
    4) How many burgers did we need again?
    5) Rogue’s hair is really out of control…

  9. 1.So…who’s up for sushi?

  10. 1. I forgot to water my Farmville AGAIN!?
    2. Pepto NEVER could have helped with THIS!
    3. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!
    4. HAPPY BIRTHD-wait…. How’d I end up inside this cake?

  11. Only ten entries in, and already I’m laughing. You guys are too much!

  12. 2.I told you not to call me Edward Scissorhands!
    3.I did not rip off Batman’s costume!
    4.Eat giant forks!

  13. …..and here’s ANOTHER way wolves are related to dogs!

  14. 1) The cake IS a lie!!!
    2) Man, it’s Bean Burrito day again.
    3) This was my special costume, you jerk!

  15. There is no spoon!!!

  16. 1. I am not angry…I AM FURIOUS!!

    2. Eat my flowers will you? Ill find you yet you stupid gopher!

    3. China here I come!

  17. I know I have the issue that panel comes from – am I right in thinking the X-Men are in the Savage Land, and he’s gutting a pterodactyl or some such creature?

  18. I’m a real boy damnit…

  19. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    Wolverine is over…now I’m MOLE!

  20. …And that’s what I’m going to do to Cyclops.

  21. Avatar DiCicatriz

    6) Happy Birthday, Mr. Presid… Stage fright! RAAAAAAUGH!
    7) My chest does NOT look like a face!
    9) Santa’s toys… will be MINE!

  22. Avatar DiCicatriz

    6) Happy Birthday, Mr. Presid… Stage fright! RAAAAAAUGH!
    7) My chest does NOT look like a face!
    8) Santa’s toys… will be MINE!

  23. Avatar DiCicatriz

    Sorry for the double post. Disregard my failure at the internet.

  24. 4. I told you I just don’t have the patience for building sand castles.

    5. Really? What a coincidence I was just thinking of you too.

    6. This is the toughest pie crust I have ever made.

  25. 1) Where are the damn steak knives in this crappy joint!?

  26. 1. Why do I always have to turn the soil in farmvile?!

    2. This is what you get for ruining my suit, you ground hogs!!

    3. Building sand castles always brings the worst out in me…

    4. Maybe this will get rogues attention…..

    5. Eat this cyclops!!

  27. Like Julia Child said, “Remeber, there’s no one in the kitchen but you!”

    My signature meatloaf! It stays crunchy in milk!

    This can’t be kosher.

    Got the salad. Now… onto the meatloaf!

  28. This is how much wood would Wolverine whuck if Wolverine would whuck wood!

  29. Avatar Anarchangel

    “I said I wanted SPRINKLES on my cake!!!”

  30. Avatar Anarchangel

    @Jake – Just noticed #5. You beat me to it πŸ™‚

  31. 1)”It’s fun to slash at the W-H-U-K” (sung to Y-M-C-A)
    2)”I’ll be sooooo glad when Elephant Boy leaves the X-Men!!!”
    3)”Hey Vince,I think we need more Shamwow’s for this mess!”

  32. I told you before…

  33. 1.Hairy-Chest Powers Activate!
    2.Pelvic thrust of DOOOOOOM!

  34. 4.That was my last cigar! (note:X-man movie reference!)

  35. 5.JEEEEEEE-oh wait your alive again, damnit Jean stay dead longer this time!

  36. 6.Adamantium RAGE!!!!

  37. 1. That’s the last bachelorette party cake I hide in!
    2. TICKLE AMY!
    3. It’s supposed to be WHACK a mole, not WHUK a mole!

  38. 4. I need to be more careful opening presents. Poor puppy.

  39. 4) Forks? You gave me Forks? I’ll show you forks!

  40. told you i am faster than spider-man

  41. 1. Alright, kids, eat up. Burgers for everyone!

  42. “That is not the Team Jacob Shirt I ordered!”

    “Sparkle THIS!”

    “Aaargh Crossword Puzzles!”

    “Here at Wolverine’s School of Hair Trimming…!”

  43. AHHHH!!! you spooked me! I told you not to do that!

  44. Who’s in the bathroom??!!! I gotta pee NOW!!

  45. Screw you Jigsaw puzzle!!

  46. 5. I say, it would seem that I have allowed my temper to once again get the best of me.

  47. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Hi gang! Let’s do this!

    1. I feel so down in the dumps!

    2. These adamantium blades are great for plowing!

    3. I hate weeds!

    4. My whuk is all bad whuk!

    5. My WHUK has finally ripened!

    6. WHUK you AND the mule you rode in on!

  48. WHUK you very much!

  49. 7.Flex and Snarl!

  50. 8.Its the not the 70s anymore, so lets get rid of that Afro!

  51. 9.SPOOOOOOON!!! (Note: hehe oh Tick, how make me laugh.)

  52. last one 10.LIEEEEFILD!!!! I’ve come from the past to kill you in my Future, which is your past, to stop the 90’s from ever happening, which hasn’t happened to me yet! but a me from YOUR future told me, which was me from YOUR past, but MY present, about the 90’s!…wait? God, is this what Cable feels like?

  53. Avatar dementedtheclown

    1) I’ll fix this clogged toilet, fix it good!

    2) Chocolate I HATE CHOCOLATE!

    3) Not even hulks flying crap can stop these claws.

  54. Whadda ya mean, CUT the cake, not GUT it?

  55. 1: “I’m never going this long without clipping my fingernails again!”
    2: “Anyone ELSE wanna say pink hula hoops aren’t manly?”
    3: “Who needs Mickey Rourke? I woulda made a GREAT Whiplash!”


  57. I know your in here, osama bin laden I will find you!!

  58. 1. Where the is hell my cigar!!

  59. I want my last night chicken tonight back I’m going to find in here

  60. she’s my girl cyc


    2) I KNEW I should have gone to the toilet before we went.

    3) I Like to Whuk it, Whuk it! I like to Whuk it, Whuk it! I like to… WHUK IT! (madagascar parody)

    4) So THAT’s why they told me not to go in the kitchen!


    6) What are these white circles with pink edges and these brains doing in my mud bath?


  63. First I lose Jean Grey to Scott Summers, now I lose Bella to some gay, sparkely vampire.

  64. Avatar SynnerSaint

    Whuk??? They’re supposed to go Snikt!

  65. If you aren’t down with that, We’ve got two words for ya!

  66. 6. Bit my tongue!

  67. 1. Mr. Potato Head you are really pushing my buttons!!

    2. Organic crops are overrated!

    3. I don’t have time for this – where are those night crawlers?!

    4. Honey, if that dog buries one more super hero side kick – we are finished!

  68. 1. Here at Tony Stark’s House of Ribs, our expert Chefs do BBQ the old fashioned way!

    2. He slices; he dices; He makes julienne fries!!!

    3. At Tony Stark’s House of Ribs, we really know how to pull our pork!!!

    4. I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hurts

  69. “And now that I’ve sliced up your sound effect, I’m comin’ after YOU!”

  70. 1.go whuk yourself!
    2.i like to whuk off!
    3. whuking off is fun!

  71. 7. What the….WHUK?

    8. Awesome, I just invented another sound effect!

    9. And they said ditch digging was a poor career choice.

    10. Ill teach you to “whuk” at me!

  72. 1. “This costume was EXPENSIVE!”


    3. “Give it to me straight Doc, are my claws still sharp?”

  73. Oh no I killed one of the three stooges πŸ™

  74. 1) Tch’… ‘Least the Hulk had the decency to not fling poo in battle.
    2) Fer th’ last time, Moon boy! I! Ain’t! Yella!
    3) Oh, yer gettin’ my dry cleanin’ bill, bub… In hell!

  75. Avatar Jordan Banta


  76. “Jean! Jean! Jean! Whuk what I can do.”

  77. “How do YOU like getting whukked?!”

  78. “Call me a runt. I fling poo at you.”

  79. Avatar Riddlerclue

    “I’m so awesome I cut the WHUK in half!”

  80. Avatar Jack Zelger

    “This meat ain’t gonna tenderize itself, bub!”

  81. Avatar Jack Zelger

    “Thanks for coming, everybody. Let me cut you a piece of birthday cake.”

  82. Avatar Jack Zelger

    “I love planting flowers, but I hate spreading the mulch.”


  84. Avatar knight1192a

    1. Am I WHUKedly awsome or what?

    2. Told you it was Barney in disguise, bub!

    3. What do you mean I’m not fast enough to be on Iron Chef?


  86. 5.Mangiato molto bene, salumi molto buoni, tortelli squisiti soprattutto molto bene!
    6.Your watching: How to be a good housewife with Wolverine.

  87. 1. I said… I am allergic to chocolate goddammit!
    2. Take this, evil Brownieman!!!
    3. It’s much faster using my claws to dig for treasure…
    4. It’s happy butchery time!
    5. Where is the bloody meat in this one? I am starving!
    6. Die you filthy mud-thing, making my boots dirty like that!
    7. UGHHHHHHHHHH… Travelling inside postal bags is way too uncomfortable.
    8. Just WHere in the UK am I?

  88. Die, Thing, Die! Everyone knows that the X-men can knock the hell out of the Fantastic 4 any day! And today I’m proving that true!

  89. 1)Ben Grimm…. I’m flattered but I got to hurt ya all the same bub

    2) Curly, Is that you?

    3)I love my Playdough ^.^

  90. “And that’s for exposing my hairy nipples!”

  91. Correction:
    β€œAnd that’s for exposing my hairy nipples, bub!”

  92. Redo for first entry:
    “Jean! Jean! Jean! Look whuk I can do.”

  93. “Sabretooth is NOT my brother! Damn movie watching public. Read a comic book.”

  94. 1. Not again! Do you have any idea how much yellow spandex costs!

    2. Go WHUK yourself!

    3. Why am I screaming with my mouth closed? Who drew this panel, Liefeld?

  95. Whoops, guess I have to retract my #2. I didn’t read through the rest of these before posting, and looks like Kyle beat me too it in post 70…


  97. 1. I never once liked Frylock or Shake. But it’s you. YOU, Meatwad, I ESPECIALLY hated!


  98. Avatar ImogeneBathory

    i’m the best at what i do, and what i do is cut sound effects in half!

  99. sabertooths cake looks like poison, never!!!!

  100. 1) Let them eat cake… bub

    2) Damm internets too slow!

    3) I didnt do well in shool

    4) What did you expect, im an x-man

    5) Jean! ill get you out that choclate pudding

  101. It’s NOT A BOOB WINDOW!

  102. 1) That’s how we plump our pillows around here, fella!

    2) Which of you pussies hid my eyebrow straighteners?

    3) Lawks a lummy, my chicken wings have imploded….

    4) Do you want fries with that?

  103. 7.I’ve been workin’ on the railroad,All the live long day…
    8.Here’s my slice of heaven!

  104. 9.MEATLOAF!You can’t handle the meatloaf!

  105. 4.where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.
    5. I found waldo!
    6.they expect me to clean all the whuk up!

  106. 8. spidey gets a freaking reboot and i don’t!
    9. have this cake and eat it too bub!
    10. time for my mud bath!
    11.oh whuk the F.B.I, time to go back to Canada!

  107. I’ve got adamantium claws and I still can’t destroy the one ring!!!!

  108. Gimme a teenage girl, a cigar, and a whiskey, STAT!