Caption Contest 75 Winner!

Congratulations to Joshua for winning Caption Contest 75!

Apparently we have a lot of FarmVille players lurking hereabouts, which makes me feel better when I see how much money my wife has spent on it each month.

Anyway, congratulations to Johsua, who wins his choice of any item he likes, or a portrait of himself, either of which will appear in the final HeroMachine 3 version. Well done, sir!

7 Responses to Caption Contest 75 Winner!

  1. Congrats, Josh!

  2. I loved that answer, it was like “Win” when I saw it because of a friends wife and Farmville. (She pestered a lot of people.)

    My wife has more puzzle games focus.

  3. Avatar Danny Beaty

    I’ve never heard of Farmville.
    Congrats Joshua!

  4. Thanks everyone! Now the monumental task of choosing an item or a portrait lies before me.

  5. Avatar Darth_Neko

    Lol Farmville. Great going Joshua! Trust me, go for the item! πŸ˜‰

  6. You can do it, Joshua!

  7. Congrats Joshua!