RP: Hey, gas is natural!


(From "Nature Boy" number 1, 1956.)

7 Responses to RP: Hey, gas is natural!

  1. What, Ric Flair had his own comic book?

  2. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    I bet he’s not very popular around the Hall of Justice. “Someone crack a window or open a dimensional portal or something, Nature Boy is letting it rip again!”

  3. To make matters worse his farts are radioactive too.

  4. Avatar Montana Player

    My son will be thrilled to learn others share his abilities and powers.

  5. WOOO! Nature Boy versus The Spleen in a no-holding-farts Quarantine-Cage match..!

  6. Dude has far too many clothes on to be Nature Boy.

  7. @The Imp: How do you know that? have you seen the backside of that costume??????