RP: Adventures of the Masked Outer


(From "Police Comics" number 5, 1942.)

7 Responses to RP: Adventures of the Masked Outer

  1. Avatar Danny Beaty

    It’s the Masked Referee! He points at closeted gay people and yells “Yoooou’re OUT!”

  2. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    She does look like she can pitch a mean softball. Just sayin’…

    This guy probably has gaydar sense, like daredevil but different.

  3. No offense, but even I could tell the guy in the blonde wig was gay.

  4. @Kingmonkey: LOL, as soon as I read your comment all I could think was, “She’s a man, baby!” I could hear it in the Austin Powers voice and all!

  5. Good one, Jeff.

  6. “Duuuuuuuude looks like a laaaa-dee!”

  7. You know, I tried going around shouting “GAY!” at people.

    Did not end well.