Poll Position: Juicing

Our "thought-provoking" Poll Position question this week is:


And by relevant, I mean related to their character concept. So I don't think "laser eyes" for Batman makes much sense, but we'll get into that in the Super Dupe Patented Random Rambling Thoughts After The Jump.

  • Batman: I have probably said this before, but it bears repeating -- giving Batman actual super powers would destroy the character. Being the best homo sapiens on the planet is his whole shtick. Give him sonar or actual flight or any other bat-related power you can imagine, and you take away his core identity.
  • Batroc the Leaper: He's French and his whole power is leaping about like a ballerina. Clearly, this guy needs some mojo. Given his name, you could certainly see him having some sort of Super-Leap ability like the Hulk, or at least a nuclear kick. But I like to imagine a razor-sharp halo of bladed ruffles -- in pink, of course -- springing out from around his waist.
  • Daredevil: You could argue that his radar sense is a super power, and you'd probably be right. But I always preferred to think of it as his other senses hyper-compensating for the lack of sight rather than some supernatural thing. Which, I know, is wrong. But mostly he's just a normal guy, because the senses don't make him strong or faster or smarter, they just let him notice things other people don't. Mostly. Anyway, I could see some kind of super berserker state, or the ability to live through any hazard, or something else that was an innate thing instead of more obvious like super-strength or whatnot.
  • Green Arrow: I know a lot of people love the guy but seriously -- bow and arrows? And that beard? Ollie needs something new to spice him up a little, maybe a chameleon-like camouflage power, or even the ability to literally see the winds. Which, given the after-lunch locker room at JLA HQ, might actually be really disgusting.
  • Hawkeye: Pretty much the same thing as Green Arrow, only in purple.
  • John Constantine: On one hand it's unfair that Constantine has to deal with all manner of supernatural baddies as just a normal guy. On the other hand, that's part of what makes him interesting, just a street-wise cynic trying to make his way among the high muckety-mucks. I think giving him abilities beyond hard-earned ones like his magic spells would make the character too generic.
  • Kraven the Hunter: I always thought Kraven needed abilities to go along with that ridiculous outfit. The field's wide open on this one, he could have any animal-related power and it would fit. Personally, I think it would be cool if he could, once "locked onto" a target, track it literally anywhere, no matter what.
  • Punisher: I think Punisher should be given the body of Frankenstein and ... oh, wait.
  • Robin/Nightwing: I'd like for Nightwing to get a little something, maybe even just night-vision or flight. He's not Batman, let the kid be meta-human.

So off of that list, I'd probably give my vote to Kraven. Because daring fashion sense like that deserves to be rewarded. I mean, who else can carry off a giant lion-mane vest with leopard-print Capri pants?

What about you, who would you pick?

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