META: Out for most of the day

We've got a sick equine out here at the ranch and need to take him to the vet way off in the other middle of nowhere, so I won't be back till this afternoon at the earliest. Play nice and consider this an open thread.

22 Responses to META: Out for most of the day

  1. Avatar CPrime says:

    *whispers* I assume he’s talking about a horse, right?

  2. Avatar Solander says:

    Hope your horse gets better. Right now I’m having field practice out in the field with an experienced vet, and so far we’ve seen a lot of sick horses, some far worse than others.

  3. Avatar Bael says:

    He could be delirious from malaria. The treat that with quinine. e-quinine? Maybe it’s his computer that has malaria.

  4. Avatar John says:

    I don’t know what an “equine” is, but it should definitely be part of HM3.

  5. Avatar Worf says:

    we HAVE a couple of equines on HM3. Even a headless one if I remember correctly (or maybe I’m affected with the aforementioned malaria 😉 )

  6. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Sounds like someone has been smoking malaria to me.

  7. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, I’m back. The equine in question was one of our miniature donkeys, Sparky, who had some bad leg trouble. The vet says it’s not serious, though (had it been the other thing we were thinking, he’d have had to be put down), so they’re keeping him for a few days and then he’ll be back. Phew!

    Long trip down there and back, but now, back to super-heroes!

  8. Avatar Runt82 says:


    How about for one sketch of the day, you make a donkey based superhero?

  9. Avatar Worf says:

    Miniature donkeys? Do you have a petting zoo???? What else do you have? Baby Elephants? Llamas? If so is that why you were obsessed with them a while back (green lava vs green llama)? Am I just tripping by myself? 😉 😛

  10. Avatar Worf says:

    (lava = lama) BTW… curse the hiccuping internet.

  11. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Ha, a donkey hero would be funny! The Jackass … Kicking the crap out of crime!

  12. Avatar Demented The Clown says:

    I’ll Admit I Looked Up Equine

  13. Avatar Legatus says:

    I’d love to see the Jackass! Come on, do it for Sparky!

  14. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: You could call it the Missouri Mule. I think Ann Coulter owns the copyright for the name “Jackass”.

  15. Avatar kyle says:

    i thought jimmy carter owns the name “jackass”

  16. Avatar kyle says:

    how about a jackass kicking inspector gadget in the nuts and bolt and inspector gadget head poops up

  17. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    @Worf (9): We have four horses, four miniature donkeys, two regular size donkeys, one huge donkey that thinks he’s a horse and refuses to associate with the other actual donkeys, and five dogs. It’s a regular Safariland out here.

  18. Avatar William A. Peterson says:

    A friend of mine was talking about how George Lucas put things in the Star Wars movies that came from Shao Lin mythology, and added “Thank Goodness he never used the army of spear-carrying Were donkeys!”

    Meesa then reminded him o’ de Gungan Army… 😀

  19. Avatar Worf says:

    @Jeff: WOW! I do hope there are some kids in there (or at least close by or on the way). They’d be having the time of their lives with that private zoo. (except for the part of it being in the middle of nowhere of course)….

  20. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    No, no kids Worf. We keep talking about having a “Oops we forgot to have kids” party out here for our friends with younguns, but so far haven’t pulled it off.

  21. Avatar CPrime says:

    Hahahahaha, William.