RP: Streaking + rockets = hot buns!


(From "Punch Comics" number 16, 1946.)

6 Responses to RP: Streaking + rockets = hot buns!

  1. Jeff, do you have a picture of this golden age Rocket Girl? I created a character called Rocket Girl (probably been done dozens of times) with HM3, and just out of curiosity, I’d like to see what this earlier one looks like.

  2. @Niall Mor
    Just Googled golden age Rocket Girl. Here is what came back.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Niall, I haven’t saved any, no, but do a Google Image search for Rocketgirl Punch Comics and several come up on the first page. It’s just your basic orange jumpsuit, jet pack, and silly mask.

  4. they shall never top Bulletman!!!

  5. William A. Peterson

    Yeah, well, a character is known by the strength of their opposition, and I don’t think the Rocket duo ever had to face Nazi-Ninja Stealth Tanks! :->

  6. Maybe they just never noticed they were facing Nazi-Ninja Stealth Tanks!

    (I think “Nazi-Ninja Stealth Tanks!” needs a TM in a little circle after it. But I don’t know how to get one.)