Character Contest 28 Winner

Congratulations to Kaldath for winning Character Contest 28 with his unusually-posed "Spider-Cat", daughter of Spider-Man and Black Cat:

We're at the point of needing to rename this the Kaldath Award, I think. Congratulations to him and to all the great entrants for that contest, it was some really nice work.

7 Responses to Character Contest 28 Winner

  1. Congrats Kaldath!

  2. @Jeff: I agree to renaming it in his honor.

  3. …wow

  4. we might as well rename it

  5. Not only is the pose unique and inspired, but even the background is cool. This is not just a cool looking character. This is a cool looking character in a real place. The boarded up window is genius.

  6. let me say thank you to all those who vote for my character I am really glad you all liked her.

    @Jeff: I haven’t won that many of these weekly contests to warrant a rename of the Prize after me, This is only my 3rd Win in the weekly, well actually bi-weekly character design contests, it’s 5 wins total if you add the two Big contest wins

  7. Ha, going over the complexity of Spider-Cat herself so much, I didn’t notice the boarded window. Congrats, Kaldath.